6C10-1.001. Florida Gulf Coast University; Organization
 6C10-1.002. Public Business With The University
 6C10-1.003. Non-Discrimination Policy And Complaint Procedures
 6C10-1.004. Sexual Harassment
 6C10-1.005. Direct Support Organizations
 6C10-4.001. Student Rights And Responsibilities
 6C10-4.002. Code Of Conduct And Judicial Process
 6C10-4.003. Judicial Process
 6C10-4.004. Student Grievance Procedure
 6C10-4.005. Student Activities
 6C10-4.006. Student Government
 6C10-5.001. Descriptions, Definitions And Abbreviations
 6C10-5.002. Delegation Of Authority
 6C10-5.003. Employee Debt Collection
 6C10-5.004. University Police Department
 6C10-5.005. Recruitment, Selection, And Appointment
 6C10-5.006. Employee Security And Background Checks
 6C10-5.007. Employee Recognition Program
 6C10-5.008. Personnel Exchange Program
 6C10-5.009. Employee Evaluations
 6C10-5.010. Nepotism
 6C10-5.011. Complaint Review Procedure For Usps Employees
 6C10-5.012. Outside Employment/Activites
 6C10-5.013. Additional State Compensation
 6C10-5.014. Political Activity
 6C10-5.016. Employee Disciplinary Procedures
 6C10-5.017. Overlap In Position
 6C10-5.018. Sick Leave Pool
 6C10-5.019. Personnel Records; Limited Access
 6C10-5.020. Grievance Procedure - Non-Unit Faculty And A &Amp; P
 6C10-5.021. Non-Reappointment And Resignation Of Non-Unit Faculty And A &Amp; P Employees
 6C10-5.022. Discipline And Termination For Cause Of Non-Unit Faculty And A&Amp;P Employees
 6C10-6.001. Administrative Services: Purchasing
 6C10-6.002. Definitions
 6C10-6.003. Authority
 6C10-6.004. Invitation To Bid Or Request For Proposal
 6C10-6.005. Sole Source Procurement
 6C10-6.006. Emergency Purchase
 6C10-6.007. Contracts
 6C10-6.008. Protests
 6C10-6.009. Debarment Of Vendors
 6C10-6.010. Ethics
 6C10-6.011. Small And Minority Business
 6C10-6.012. Statement Of Intent
 6C10-6.013. Definitions
 6C10-6.014. Purchasing Authority Of The University
 6C10-6.015. Competitive Solicitations Requirement
 6C10-6.016. Purchase Of Commodities Or Contractual Services
 6C10-6.017. Bonds
 6C10-6.018. Contracts
 6C10-6.019. Standard Of Conduct
 6C10-6.020. Purchase Of Motor Vehicles
 6C10-7.001. Tuition And Fees
 6C10-7.002. Surplus Property
 6C10-7.003. Special Fees
 6C10-7.004. Prompt Payment To Vendors
 6C10-8.001. General
 6C10-8.002. Authority Of University Police
 6C10-8.003. Registration Of Vehicles
 6C10-8.004. Decal And Permit Fees
 6C10-8.005. Regulations
 6C10-8.006. Enforcement
 6C10-9.001. Use Of University Facilities
 6C10-9.002. Use Of Alcoholic Beverages On University Premises
 6C10-9.003. Animal Control
 6C10-9.004. Freedom Of Speech And Assembly
 6C10-9.005. Possession Of Firearms And Weapons On University Property
 6C10-9.006. Solicitation On Campus
 6C10-9.007. Smoking And Consumption Of Food