6E-1.001. Introduction To The Rules
 6E-1.01. Independent Colleges And Universities
 6E-1.02. Authority Of The Board
 6E-1.002. Authority Of The Board
 6E-1.003. Definition Of Terms
 6E-1.03. Definition Of Terms
 6E-1.004. Voluntary Application For Licensure
 6E-1.04. Voluntary Application For Licensure
 6E-1.05. Approved Forms
 6E-1.005. Approved Forms
 6E-1.06. License Required
 6E-1.031. Licensure Required; Exemptions From Licensure
 6E-1.0031. Licensure Required; Exemptions From Licensure
 6E-1.0032. Fair Consumer Practices
 6E-1.0033. Diploma Programs
 6E-1.0034. Fees And Expenses
 6E-1.0035. Permission To Operate
 6E-1.041. Honorary Degrees
 6E-1.0041. Honorary Degrees
 6E-1.0045. &Quot;
 6E-1.045. Minimum Standards For Use Of The Term &Quot;College&Quot; Or &Quot;University&Quot;
 6E-2.001. Approved Applicant Status
 6E-2.01. Procedures For Licensure Of Colleges
 6E-2.02. Types Of Licensure
 6E-2.002. Institutional Licensure
 6E-2.03. Institutional Applications
 6E-2.04. Minimum Standards For Licensure
 6E-2.004. Standards And Procedures For Licensure
 6E-2.005. Extension, Renewal, Or Continuation Of Licensure
 6E-2.05. Annual Review And Renewal Of Institutional License
 6E-2.06. Refusal Of Institutional License
 6E-2.07. Revocation Of Institutional License
 6E-2.08. Amendments To Applications
 6E-2.008. Approval Of Modifications
 6E-2.09. Colleges Which Discontinue Operation
 6E-2.009. Closing An Institution
 6E-2.010. Agents
 6E-2.011. Agents; Application For Licensure
 6E-2.12. License Fees
 6E-2.13. Violation Of Laws Or Rules
 6E-2.013. Violation Of Laws Or Rules
 6E-2.14. Advertising By Colleges Under Injunction Prohibited
 6E-2.015. Designating Resident Agent
 6E-2.016. Review And Authorization Of Branch Educational Operations
 6E-2.16. Review And Authorization Of Branch Educational Operations
 6E-2.041. Nontraditional College Programs
 6E-2.0041. Delivery Of Programs Through Nontraditional Assessments, Modes And Methods
 6E-2.0042. Medical Clinical Clerkship Programs
 6E-2.042. Medical Clinical Clerkship Programs
 6E-2.0043. Nonacademic Programs
 6E-2.0061. Actions Against A Licensee; Penalties
 6E-2.061. Revocation, Suspension, Or Withdrawal Of Institutional Or Agent&Apos;S License
 6E-2.0081. Change Of Ownership Or Control
 6E-3.01. Bylaws
 6E-3.02. Administration Of The Board
 6E-3.002. Administration Of The Board
 6E-4.001. Fees And Expenses
 6E-4.003. Institutional Assessment Trust Fund
 6E-4.005. Student Protection Fund; Trainout Procedures For Closure
 6E-4.007. On-Site Visits
 6E-5.001. Religious Institution Letter Of Exemption
 6E-6.001. Failure Of Nonpublic College, University Or School Administrator Or Law Enforcement Agency To Report Child Abuse, Abandonment Or Neglect