8. Department of Commerce

 8E-1.001. Division Organization
 8E-1.002. Director
 8E-1.003. Unit Responsibilities
 8E-1.004. Representative Identification
 8E-1.005. Public Information
 8E-1.006. Public Records
 8E-1.007. Application For Employment
 8E-2.001. Meetings And Workshops
 8E-2.002. Public Notice
 8E-2.003. Agenda
 8E-2.004. Emergency Meetings
 8E-3.01. Cooperative Advertising Program
 8E-3.02. Purpose
 8E-3.03. Definitions
 8E-3.04. Method Of Application
 8E-3.05. Consideration Of Application
 8E-3.06. Limit On State Participation
 8E-3.07. Notification Of Acceptance
 8E-3.08. Duties Of Participating Development Sponsor
 8E-3.09. Duties Of The Division
 8E-4.001. Purpose
 8E-4.002. Application Procedures
 8E-4.003. Application Contents
 8E-4.004. Application Contents
 8E-4.005. Application Processing
 8E-5.001. Purpose
 8E-5.002. Definitions
 8E-5.003. General Allocation Process
 8E-5.004. Priorities For Allotment Of The Remaining 25 Percent Of Manufacturing Facility Bond Pool
 8E-5.005. Selection Process
 8E-6.001. Purpose
 8E-6.002. Definitions
 8E-6.003. Applications For Consideration
 8E-6.004. Application Processing And Selection
 8E-6.005. Training Provider Criteria
 8E-6.006. Preparation And Signing Of Grant Agreement
 8E-6.007. Establishing Reserves
 8E-7.010. Purpose
 8E-7.020. Definitions
 8E-7.025. Notice Of Intent To File An Application
 8E-7.030. Project Eligibility Criteria
 8E-7.040. Applicability And Prohibitions
 8E-7.050. Application For Site Certification, Distribution
 8E-7.060. Completeness Of The Application
 8E-7.080. Application Schedule
 8E-7.090. Initial Public Meeting
 8E-7.100. Determination Of Sufficiency; Submittal Of Additional Information; Withdrawal
 8E-7.110. Preliminary Statements Of Issues
 8E-7.120. Studies For The Reports
 8E-7.130. Agency Reports
 8E-7.140. Environmental Impact Analysis By The Dep, Conditions
 8E-7.150. Analysis By The Local Government, Conditions
 8E-7.160. Analysis By The Com, Conditions
 8E-7.170. Plan Amendment Requirements
 8E-7.180. Amendments To Application
 8E-7.190. Certification Hearing - Subject Matter, Procedures, Participants
 8E-7.220. Recommended And Final Orders
 8E-7.230. Retention And Availability Of Certification And Application
 8E-7.240. Postcertification-Compliance Reviews, Monitoring And Reporting, Revocation
 8E-7.245. Clerk Of The Siting Board
 8E-7.250. Postcertification-Easements; Federal Permitting
 8E-7.0251. Interagency Meeting
 8E-7.260. Modification Of Certification
 8E-7.265. Rendition Of Final Orders
 8E-7.270. Enforcement Or Revocation Of Certification
 8E-7.275. Transfer Of Certification
 8E-7.280. Fees, Disbursement Of Funds, Contracts
 8E-7.285. Project Mailing List And General Mailing List
 8E-7.290. Specifications And Text For Newspaper Notice
 8E-7.300. Specifications For Florida Administrative Weekly Notice
 8E-7.310. Evidence Of Notice, Additional Notice
 8E-7.320. Forms
 8E-7.2651. Party Address Changes
 8E-8.001. Purpose
 8E-8.002. Definitions
 8E-8.003. Application Procedures
 8E-8.004. Application Processing And Approval
 8E-8.005. Qualified Applicant Tax Refund Agreement
 8E-8.006. Annual Claim For Tax Refund From A Qualified Applicant
 8E-8.007. Qualified Applicant Records
 8E-9.001. Purpose
 8E-9.002. Definitions
 8E-9.003. Base Closure Or Realignment Grant Program
 8E-9.004. Application Procedures
 8E-9.005. Application Contents
 8E-9.006. Application Processing And Approval
 8E-9.007. Base Closure Or Realignment Grant Agreement
 8E-9.008. Local Match Requirements
 8E-9.009. Disbursement Of Grant Funds
 8E-9.010. Grant Records And Audit Requirements
 8E-10.001. Purpose
 8E-10.002. Definitions
 8E-10.003. Target Industry Criteria
 8E-12.001. Definitions
 8E-12.002. Purpose
 8E-12.003. Application Procedure
 8E-12.004. Enterprise Zone Designation Process
 8E-12.005. Enterprise Zone Revocation
 8E-13.001. Purpose
 8E-13.002. Definitions
 8E-13.003. Application Procedures
 8E-13.004. Application Processing And Approval
 8E-13.005. Qualified Target Industry Business Tax Refund Agreement
 8E-13.006. Annual Claim For Tax Refund From A Qualified Target Industry Business
 8E-13.007. Qualified Target Industry Business Records
 8E-15.001. Purpose
 8E-15.002. Definitions
 8E-15.003. Criteria
 8E-16.001. Purpose
 8E-16.002. Application Procedures
 8E-16.003. Application Processing
 8E-17.001. Definitions
 8E-17.002. Purpose
 8E-17.003. Eligible Contributions
 8E-17.004. Eligible Projects
 8E-17.005. Eligible Sponsors
 8E-17.006. Eligible Areas
 8E-17.007. Project Proposal Requirements
 8E-17.008. Tax Credit Application Processing
 8E-17.009. Sponsor Recertification
 8E-17.010. Powers Reserved To The Department
 8E-17.011. Monitoring Of Projects
 8E-18.001. Purpose
 8E-18.002. Request Procedures
 8E-18.003. Request Processing
 8E-19.001. Purpose
 8E-19.002. Definitions
 8E-19.003. Criteria For Consideration As A Florida First Business Project
 8E-19.004. Application Procedure
 8E-19.005. Application Review And Evaluation Procedure
 8E-19.006. Certification
 8E-19.007. Recertification Process
 8E-19.008. Review Of Notices Of Intent To Issue And Determination Of Which Notices Should Receive Written Confirmations