9. Department of Community Affairs

 9F-4.01. Purpose
 9F-4.02. The Office Of Manpower Planning
 9F-4.03. The Office Director
 9F-4.04. State Manpower Services Countil
 9F-4.05. Balance Of State Prime Sponsor Advisory Council
 9F-4.06. Regional Mampower Planning Advisory Boards
 9F-4.07. Balance Of State Prime Sponsor District Advisory Boards
 9F-4.08. Conflicts Of Interest
 9F-4.09. Statutory And Rule Provisions Governing Operations
 9F-4.10. By-Laws Governing Internal Operations
 9F-4.11. Location And Office Hours
 9F-4.12. Applications For Employment
 9F-4.13. Public Access
 9F-5.01. General
 9F-5.02. Notice
 9F-5.03. Agenda
 9F-5.04. Emergency Meetings
 9F-5.05. Open Meetings And Records
 9F-6.01. General
 9F-6.02. Eligibility
 9F-6.03. Application Procedure
 9F-6.04. Review Process
 9F-6.05. Contracts For Ceta Funds
 9F-6.06. Contract Moniforing And Evaluation
 9F-6.07. Employment Policy And Appeals
 9F-7.01. Purpose
 9F-7.02. Participant Eligibility
 9F-8.01. Purpose
 9F-8.02. Participant Eligibility
 9F-9.01. Scope
 9F-9.02. Definition Of Grievance
 9F-9.03. Review By The Office Of Manpowr Planning
 9F-9.04. Hearing Procedures
 9F-10.01. Scope
 9F-10.02. Grievanvce Petitions Filed With The Office Of Manpower Planning
 9F-10.03. Hearing Procedure - Grievance Hearings
 9F-11.01. Scope
 9F-11.02. Requests For Hearings
 9F-11.03. Hearing Procedure