61-1.001. Comment
 61-1.002. Agency Head
 61-1.003. Agency Organization And Operations
 61-1.004. Exercise Of Delegated Authority
 61-1.005. Public Information And Inspection Of Records
 61-1.006. Public Access To Agency
 61-1.007. Agency Clerk
 61-1.008. Custodian Of Records
 61-1.009. Fingerprints
 61-1.010. Utilization Of Board Expertise
 61-1.011. Administrative Procedures
 61-1.012. Declaratory Statements By The Divisions Of The Department Of Business And Professional Regulation
 61-1.013. Subpoenas
 61-2.001. Authority
 61-2.002. Policy
 61-2.003. Distribution
 61-2.004. Definitions And Guidelines
 61-2.005. Authority For Disciplinary Actions
 61-2.006. Types Of Discipline And Procedures
 61-2.007. Disciplinary Investigations
 61-2.008. Procedure For Suspension Or Dismissal
 61-2.009. Procedure For Suspension Or Dismissal In Extraordinary Situations
 61-2.010. Acts Of Misconduct And Work Standard Violations For Department Employees
 61-2.0010. Department Of Personnel Disciplinary Policies And Procedures/Distribution
 61-2.0011. Sick Leave Pool
 61-2.011. Standards Of Disciplinary Action
 61-2.012. Savings Clause
 61-2.013. Disciplinary Action Procedures
 61-2.014. Sexual Harassment Policy
 61-2.015. Policy Statement Re Sexual Harassment
 61-2.016. Definition Of Sexual Harassment
 61-2.017. Notice To Employees Of Rules Re Sexual Harassment
 61-2.018. Procedure For Filing Complaint
 61-2.019. Investigation Procedure
 61-2.020. Complaint Disposition
 61-2.021. Proceedings Prior To Taking Disciplinary Action
 61-2.022. Disciplinary Action
 61-2.023. Records Of Investigation And Disposition
 61-2.024. Prohibition Against Retaliation
 61-2.025. Gifts And Gratuities
 61-2.026. Affirmative Action Policy
 61-2.027. Scope
 61-2.028. Administration Of The Pool
 61-2.029. Membership And Participation
 61-2.030. Maintenance Of The Sick Leave Pool
 61-2.031. Use Of Sick Leave From The Pool
 61-2.032. Discontinuation Of The Sick Leave Pool
 61-2.033. Smoking Policy
 61-5.001. Purpose
 61-5.002. Definitions
 61-5.003. Notification And Fees
 61-5.004. Advancement Of Funds
 61-5.005. License Renewal Fee Waivers
 61-5.006. Unlicensed Activity
 61-5.007. Disciplinary Guidelines For Unlicensed Activity
 61-5.010. Unlicensed Activity
 61-6.001. Biennial Licensing
 61-6.002. Delinquent Status
 61-6.003. Inactive Status
 61-6.004. Reactivation
 61-6.006. Inactive License Exceptions
 61-6.009. Affirmation Of Eligibility For License Renewal
 61-6.015. Monitoring Of Continuing Education Requirements
 61-6.0015. General Information And Forms
 61-6.021. Name Changes On Licenses And Duplicate Licenses
 61-6.022. Approved General Forms
 61-6.023. Approved Forms For The Division Of Real Estate
 61-6.043. Renewal Process For Appraisal Management Company
 61-8.001. Appointment Of Licensed State Pilots And Certificated Deputy Pilots
 61-9.001. Applicability
 61-9.003. Examinations
 61-9.005. Florida Residency; Proof
 61-9.007. Course Of Study Pursuant To Chapters 74-105 And 75-177, Laws Of Florida
 61-9.011. Applicability
 61-9.012. Definitions
 61-9.013. Fees
 61-9.014. Standards, Review Procedures And Methodology
 61-9.015. Renewal
 61-10.001. Purpose
 61-10.002. Approval Of Department While Working With The Impaired Practitioners Committee
 61-10.003. Operation Of The Impaired Practitioners Programs
 61-10.004. Acceptance Into Approved Impaired Practitioners Programs
 61-10.005. Participation In Impaired Practitioners Programs
 61-11.001. Application Deadlines
 61-11.002. How To Apply
 61-11.003. Examination Dates, Times, Location And Personnel
 61-11.004. Certification Of Eligibility
 61-11.005. Notification Of Applicants
 61-11.006. Examination Administration
 61-11.007. Conduct At Test Site, And Notice Of Protection Privileges By And To The Department
 61-11.008. Licensure Examination Format And Procedures For Candidates With Disabilities (Ada)
 61-11.009. Practical Examinations
 61-11.010. Grading Of Examinations And Grade Notification
 61-11.011. Candidate Review Of Examination Questions, Answers, Papers, Grades And Grading Keys
 61-11.012. Petitioning For A Formal Administrative Hearing And Requesting A Pre-Hearing Review
 61-11.013. Non-Standard Administrations; Reexaminations At No Charge
 61-11.014. Security And Monitoring Procedures For Licensure Examination
 61-11.015. Definition Of A National Examination
 61-11.016. Guidelines For Sharing Department-Developed Examinations With Other States&Apos; Licensing Authorities
 61-11.017. Candidates&Apos; Post Exam Review Of Examination Questions, Answers, Papers, Grades And Grading Key
 61-11.018. Translations
 61-11.019. Use Of Pilot Test Items In Examinations
 61-11.0175. Petitioning For A Formal Administrative Hearing And Requesting A Pre-Hearing Review
 61-13.001. Gross Pilotage Compliance
 61-14.001. Authority
 61-14.002. Purpose
 61-14.003. Public Inspection And Duplication
 61-14.004. Final Orders Indexed
 61-14.005. Listing Of Final Orders
 61-14.006. Numbering Of Final Orders
 61-14.007. System For Indexing Final Orders
 61-14.008. Maintenance Of Records
 61-14.009. Plan
 61-14.0025. Definition
 61-15.003. General Requirements
 61-15.004. Payor Information
 61-15.006. Means Of Communication To Report Payment Information
 61-15.009. Due Date; General Provisions
 61-15.010. General Administrative Provisions
 61-16.001. Scope Of Rules
 61-16.002. General Administrative Procedures
 61-17.001. Purpose And Scope
 61-17.002. Notice Of Intended Decision
 61-17.003. Protest Procedures
 61-17.004. Resolution Of Protests
 61-17.005. Suspension Of Bidding Process
 61-19.001. Purpose
 61-19.002. Definitions
 61-19.003. Application Requirements
 61-19.004. Surety Bond
 61-19.005. Fees
 61-19.006. Renewal
 61-19.007. Reinstatement
 61-19.010. Miscellaneous Provisions
 61-19.011. Citations
 61-20.001. Licensing Procedure For Manager&Apos;S License
 61-20.002. Inactive Status And Renewal Of Manager&Apos;S License
 61-20.003. Business Entity Registration
 61-20.004. Unexcused Absences
 61-20.010. Disciplinary Guidelines
 61-20.011. Citations
 61-20.012. Mediation
 61-20.0025. Exemption Of Spouses Of Members Of Armed Forces From Licensure Renewal Provisions
 61-20.501. Definitions And Scope
 61-20.502. Examination For Manager&Apos;S License
 61-20.503. Standards Of Professional Conduct
 61-20.504. Fees
 61-20.505. Special Assessment
 61-20.508. Continuing Education Renewal Requirements
 61-20.509. Reactivation Continuing Education
 61-20.510. Prelicensure Education Provider Approval
 61-20.5011. Prelicensure Education Requirements
 61-20.5021. Reexamination
 61-20.5022. Examination Review
 61-20.5081. Continuing Education Provider Approval
 61-20.5082. Continuing Education Course Approval
 61-20.5083. Renewal Requirements For Continuing Education
 61-20.5084. Specific Continuing Education Requirements For Renewal
 61-24.001. Purpose
 61-24.002. Application Requirements
 61-24.003. Renewal
 61-24.004. Collection And Payment Of Fees
 61-24.005. Initial Biennial Registration Fee
 61-24.006. Biennial Renewal Registration Fee
 61-24.007. Miscellaneous Provisions
 61-24.008. Probable Cause Determination
 61-24.009. Grounds For Disciplinary Proceedings
 61-24.010. Disciplinary Guidelines
 61-24.011. Return Of Certificates And Registrations
 61-24.012. Application Process
 61-24.013. Written Examination; Passing Grade; Review Process; Reexamination
 61-25.001. Fees
 61-25.002. Licensure Requirements
 61-25.003. Requirement For Instruction On Human Immunodeficiency Virus And Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome
 61-25.004. Protocols; Scope Of Practice
 61-27.001. Definitions
 61-27.002. Responsibility
 61-27.003. Procedure
 61-27.004. Agency Compliance
 61-30.101. Definitions
 61-30.102. License Requirements
 61-30.103. Examination
 61-30.301. Delinquent License
 61-30.302. Inactive, Active Status
 61-30.401. License Renewal
 61-30.402. Continuing Education Requirements For Biennial Renewal
 61-30.403. Discretionary Hardship Reinstatement Of Void Licenses
 61-30.501. Provider Approval, Prelicensure And Continuing Education
 61-30.502. Provider Requirements, Prelicensure And Continuing Education
 61-30.503. Course Approval, Prelicensure And Continuing Education
 61-30.602. Disciplinary Guidelines
 61-30.603. Notice Of Noncompliance
 61-30.604. Citations
 61-30.605. Mediation
 61-30.801. Standards Of Practice, General
 61-30.802. Standards Of Practice, Structure
 61-30.803. Standards Of Practice, Electrical Systems
 61-30.804. Standards Of Practice, Hvac Systems
 61-30.805. Standards Of Practice, Roof Covering
 61-30.806. Standards Of Practice, Plumbing System
 61-30.807. Standards Of Practice, Interior Components
 61-30.810. Standards Of Practice, Exterior Components
 61-30.811. Standards Of Practice, Site Conditions That Affect The Structure
 61-30.812. Standards Of Practice, General Limitations And Exclusions
 61-31.101. License Requirements
 61-31.102. Examination
 61-31.301. Delinquent License
 61-31.302. Inactive, Active Status
 61-31.401. License Renewal
 61-31.402. Discretionary Hardship Reinstatement Of Void Licenses
 61-31.501. Continuing Education Provider Requirements
 61-31.505. Approval Of Continuing Education Courses
 61-31.602. Disciplinary Guidelines
 61-31.603. Notice Of Noncompliance
 61-31.604. Citations
 61-31.605. Mediation
 61-31.701. Minimum Standards And Practices For Mold Assessors
 61-31.702. Minimum Standards And Practices For Mold Remediators
 61-32.001. Issuance Of Citations
 61-32.002. Board Of Employee Leasing Citations
 61-32.003. Issuance Of Citations For Unlicensed Practice Of A Profession
 61-34.001. Purpose
 61-34.002. Definitions
 61-34.003. Procedure For Mediation
 61-35.004. Athlete Agent Departmental Forms
 61-35.006. Florida Barbers&Apos; Departmental Forms
 61-35.008. Building Code Administrators And Inspectors Departmental Forms
 61-35.010. Construction Industry Departmental Forms
 61-35.011. Cosmetology Departmental Forms
 61-35.012. Electrical Contractors&Apos; Departmental Forms
 61-35.013. Employee Leasing Companies Departmental Forms
 61-35.017. Landscape Architecture Departmental Forms
 61-35.020. Community Association Management Departmental Forms
 61-35.025. Veterinary Medicine Departmental Forms
 61-35.026. Florida Real Estate Appraisal Departmental Forms
 61-35.027. Real Estate Forms
 61-35.029. Dbpr Departmental Forms
 61-35.0271. Real Estate: Application For Sales Associate Licensure
 61-35.0272. Real Estate: Broker (Bk) Transactions
 61-35.02711. Real Estate: Application For Broker Licensure
 61-35.02712. Real Estate: Application For Real Estate Instructor Permit
 61-35.02713. Real Estate: Application For School Chief Administrator
 61-35.02714. Real Estate: Application For School Permit
 61-35.02715. Real Estate: Real Estate School Change Of Status Transactions
 61-35.02716. Real Estate: Application For Real Estate Company
 61-35.02717. Real Estate: Application For Branch Office
 61-35.02718. Real Estate: Application For Additional School Location
 61-35.02719. Real Estate: Sales Associate/Broker Sales Associate (Sl/Bl) Transactions
 61-35.02721. Real Estate: Real Estate Company Transactions
 61-35.02722. Real Estate: Instructor Transactions
 61-35.02723. Real Estate: School Chief Administrator Transactions
 61-36.001. Department Closure Or Termination Of Deficient Applications
 61-36.002. Department Approval Of Applications Meeting Statutory And Rule Requirements
 61-38.001. Florida Standard For Mitigation Of Radon In Existing Buildings
 61-39.002. Definitions
 61-39.003. Department Activities
 61-39.004. Florida Building Energy Rating System, Adopted
 61-39.005. Training And Certification Program
 61-39.007. Florida Building Energy Rating System, Existing Public Buildings
 61-39.008. Resnet Standards, Adopted
 61-40.003. Building Permit Surcharge Collection And Remittance
 61-42.001. Definitions
 61-42.002. Investigations And Legal Services
 61-42.003. Unsanctioned Amateur Events
 61-42.004. Procedure For Mediation
 61A-3.055. Items Customarily Sold In A Restaurant