64. Department of Health
d64. Departmental

 64-1.001. Fee For Record On Appeal
 64-1.010. Authority
 64-1.011. Designation Of Official Reporter For Subject Matter Index
 64-1.012. Plan
 64-1.013. Maintenance Of Records
 64-1.014. Listing Of Final Orders
 64-1.015. Numbering Of Final Orders
 64-2.001. Registration Requirements, Amendments To Registration, Fees
 64-2.002. Scope Of Responsibility For Medical And Clinical Directors
 64-3.010. Definitions
 64-3.015. Special Needs Shelter Guidelines
 64-3.020. Eligibility Criteria For Special Needs Shelters
 64-3.030. Guidelines For Special Needs Shelter Staffing Levels
 64-3.040. Definition Of Special Needs Shelter Supplies And Equipment
 64-3.050. Special Needs Shelter Registration
 64-3.060. Addressing The Needs Of Families
 64-3.070. Pre-Event Planning Activities
 64-3.080. Service Reimbursement
 64-4.001. Definitions
 64-4.002. Application For Registration Of Medical Marijuana Treatment Centers
 64-4.003. Biennial Renewal Requirements For Dispensing Organizations
 64-4.004. Revocation Of Dispensing Organization Approval
 64-4.005. Inspection And Authorization Procedures
 64-4.006. Identification, Labeling And Testing Low-Thc Cannabis Seeds, Dried Flowers And Derivative Products
 64-4.007. Recordkeeping And Reporting Requirements
 64-4.008. Procedural Requirements
 64-4.009. Compassionate Use Registry
 64-4.011. Medical Marijuana Use Registry Identifcation Cards
 64-4.013. Pesticide Use On Medical Marijuana
 64-4.018. Medical Marijuana Treatment Center Change Of Ownership Application
 64-4.023. Medical Marijuana Treatment Center Variance Procedure
 64-4.025. Medical Marijuana Treatment Center Supplemental Licensing Fee
 64-4.026. Application For Registration Of Pigford Class And Additional Medical Marijuana Treatment Centers
 64-4.027. Pigford Class Application For Registration Of Medical Marijuana Treatment Center
 64-5.001. Out-Of-Hospital Birth Adverse Incident Reporting