The Department identified the repeal of Rules 12E-1.001, 12E-1.002, 12E-1.003, 12E-1.004, 12E-1.005, 12E-1.009, 12E-1.013, 12E-1.016, 12E-1.017, 12E-1.019, 12E-1.020, 12E-1.024, 12E-1.025, and 12E-1.026, F.A.C., and amendment of Rule 12E-1.015, F.A.C., during the Department’s comprehensive rule review conducted in 2011 as required by sections 120.74, F.S., and 120.745, F.S. Rule 12E-1.001 repeats statutes and contains information that is obsolete and no longer needed. Rules 12E-1.002 and 12E-1.003 duplicate provisions in Florida Statutes, contain obsolete and inconsistent information, and are no longer needed. Rule 12E-1.004 contains obsolete and inconsistent information and is not needed. Rule 12E-1.005 contains obsolete information, references obsolete forms, and is no longer needed. Rule 12E-1.009 substantially repeats section 61.1301, Florida Statutes, unnecessarily incorporates a federal statute, and is no longer needed. Rule 12E-1.013 repeats section 409.2579, Florida Statutes, and is no longer necessary. The proposed amendments to Rule 12E-1.015 will correct the history notes, remove subsection (1) because it is no longer needed, list the foreign jurisdictions with which Florida has reciprocal agreements for support enforcement, and provide a hyperlink to allow access to copies of the reciprocal agreements. Rule 12E-1.016 repeats section 61.30, Florida Statutes, and is no longer needed. Rule 12E-1.017 repeats statute, incorporates superseded federal regulations, and is no longer needed because expedited process is provided by rule of the Florida Supreme Court. Rule 12E-1.019 substantially repeats section 61.14, Florida Statutes, a statute implemented by county court depositories, cites as rulemaking authority a statute that has been repealed, and is no longer necessary. Rule 12E-1.020 repeats section 742.12, Florida Statutes, is obsolete, and is no longer needed. Rule 12E-1.024 contains obsolete provisions superseded by changes to section 409.2598, Florida Statutes. Rule 12E-1.025 unnecessarily restates federal regulations and is no longer needed. Rule 12E-1.026 substantially repeats statute and references obsolete information about a terminated contract.