To make it easier for taxpayers using modern technology to receive a copy of their Annual Resale Certificate and to reduce costs to the state, the Department will provide those certificates through a secure link on its website beginning in January, 2015. A change is being proposed to Rule 12A-19.060, F.A.C., to provide information as to this availability. The Department has determined that two provisions of Rule 12A-19.060, F.A.C., are unnecessary and provide no benefit to either the taxpayer or the Department. Those provisions are 1) the requirement that a taxpayer sign his or her Annual Resale Certificate; and 2) the requirement of a signed statement by the purchaser on a sales invoice, purchase order, or separate form documenting the sale. Accordingly, the Department is proposing that these provisions be stricken from the rule. Clarification is made to Rule 12A-19.060(5), F.A.C., as to when an Annual Resale Certificate may be accepted by a dealer in lieu of collecting tax on a sale. Finally, a technical change is made to the time period during which Department operators are available.