Rule 62-699.200, F.A.C., is being amended to delete definitions that duplicate definitions in the Florida Statutes and add definitions of “biosolids treatment facility,” “water main,” and “water service line.” Rule 62-699.310, F.A.C., is being amended to clarify that certain transient non-community water systems serving religious institutions are exempt from operator staffing requirements; clarify that the phrase “public food service establishment” is defined in several chapters of the Florida Statutes; clarify the procedure for determining the category and classification of wastewater or water treatment plants and water distribution systems; reduce operator staffing requirements for some water treatment processes; and clarify the exception for operator staffing of certain water distribution system operation and maintenance activities when the activities are being performed by a construction contractor. Rule 62-699.311, F.A.C., is being amended to reduce the required number of owner checks or visits for some water treatment plants; clarify existing supplemental requirements for lead/chief operators of Class A or B treatment plants; and allow for reduced operator staffing at treatment plants that are operational fewer hours per day, or fewer days per week, than they must be staffed per paragraph 62-699.310(2)(a) or (e)., F.A.C.