On November 14, the Board provided a public notice that the board would be holding a public meeting on November 20, 2012, to address compounding pharmacies. The board published the notice in the Florida Administrative Register. The Florida Administrative Register is available worldwide on the web. The agenda included the topic of requiring mandatory compounding reporting. The board placed the notice on the department website and provided a public notice of the agenda on the same website. On November 20, 2012, the board held a publicly noticed meeting for the purposes of addressing pharmacy compounding that included the necessity of this emergency rule. The board gave all interested parties the opportunity to provide input on pharmacy compounding and the rule. The parties present included counsels for pharmacy companies; state and national pharmacy associations; and individual pharmacy company representatives. Accordingly, the board provided all impacted parties sufficient notice of the intended action and provided a fair procedural opportunity for participation. Additionally, the board has directed that all pharmacies impacted by this emergency rule must be given direct notice of the rule through electronic mail or via correspondence at the the address of record on file with the department.