Closed door attorney-client session pursuant to Fla. Stat. Section 286.011(8)(2005) to discuss strategy related to litigation expenditures in United States of America v. South Florida Water Management District, et al. United States District Court, Southern District of Florida, Case No. 88-1886-CIV-Moreno. The subject matter shall be confined to the pending litigation. ATTENDEES: Governing Board Members I. Bague, M. Burt-Stewart, A. Carlson, M. Collins, N. Gutiérrez, L. Lindahl, K. McCarty, H. Thornton; Executive Director C. Wehle; District attorneys S. Wood, S. Echemendia, S. Glazier, S. Nall, G. Miller, K. Burns. Pursuant to Florida Law, the entire attorney-client session shall be recorded by a certified court reporter. No portion of the session shall be off the record. A copy of the transcript will be made part of the public record at the conclusion of the litigation.