The purpose of this hearing is for the Commission to take final action on the petition for rate increase, filed by TECO on August 11, 2008, and to consider any motions or other matters that may be pending at the time of the hearing. The Commission may rule on any such motions from the bench or may take the matters under advisement. This proceeding shall: (1) allow TECO to present evidence and testimony in support of its petition; (2) permit any intervenors to present testimony and exhibits concerning this matter; and (3) allow for such other purposes as the Commission may deem appropriate. This hearing will be governed by the provisions of Chapter 120, Florida Statutes; and Chapters 25-22 and 28-106, Florida Administrative Code. Only issues relating to this petition for rate increase will be heard at the January 20, 21, 27, 28, 29, 30, 2009, hearing. Emergency Cancellation of Customer Meeting. If a named storm or other disaster requires cancellation of the meeting, Commission staff will attempt to give timely direct notice to the parties. Notice of cancellation of the meeting will also be provided on the Commission’s website (http://www.psc. under the Hot Topics link found on the home page. Cancellation can also be confirmed by calling the Office of the General Counsel at (850)413-6199.