A workshop will commence at 2:00 p.m. to present the Department’s recommendations and to receive public comment on the Intended Use Plan (IUP) for Federal and State Safe Drinking Water Act appropriations. Funds will be used to finance drinking water preconstruction and construction projects through the State Revolving Fund program in accordance with Chapter 62-552, Florida Administrative Code. Workshop topics will include project eligibility, project prioritization, type of assistance available, objectives of the program, program requirements, use of set-aside funds, and the proposed project list. A copy of the proposed IUP will be available after February 14, 2014 on the Department’s Oculus website. If you need assistance locating the document, please contact Paul Brandl at; and then, beginning at 2:30 p.m. the Department will hold a public meeting to receive public comment and to manage the proposed Fiscal Year 2014 Drinking Water State Revolving Fund priority list. Action will be taken under Chapter 62-552, F.A.C. Construction projects that submitted planning documents, plans, specifications, and permits by February 12, 2014, and pre-construction projects that submitted a complete Request for Inclusion on the priority list by February 12, 2014, will be added to the contingency or fundable portion of the priority list based on availability of funds. Projects shall be subject to a segment cap limit. The draft priority list will be available after February 25, 2014, on the Department’s Notices website at The Department may approve, modify, or deny the proposed actions at the meeting. Prior to Department action at the meeting, all interested persons will have the opportunity to speak regarding any proposed actions. After the meeting, the Department will file the Notice of Final Agency Action (Notice). A copy of the Notice will be sent to local governments sponsoring the projects at issue and to any person submitting a request either at the meeting or to the Department’s contact given below no later than 5:00 p.m. on the first business day after the meeting.