Rule Chapter 71A-1, Florida Administrative Code, was transferred to AST by operation of Chapter 2014-221, Section 1, Laws of Florida. AST proposes repeal of Rules 71A-1.001, 71A-1.002, 71A-1.003, 71A-1.004, 71A-1.005, 71A-1.006, 71A-1.007, 71A-1.008, 71A-1.009, 71A-1.010, 71A-1.011, 71A-1.012, 71A-1.013, 71A-1.014, 71A-1.015, 71A-1.016, 71A-1.017, 71A-1.018, 71A-1.019, 71A-1.020, 71A-1.021, 71A-1.022, and 71A-1.023, F.A.C., as they are duplicative of the AST’s newly adopted rules, Rules 74-2.001, F.A.C., through 74-2.006, F.A.C., the Florida Cybersecurity Standards.