The purpose of this rule revision is to simplify and correct the calculations for the Public Medical Assistance Trust Fund (PMATF) assessments. Currently, any Chapter 395, F.S. regulated hospital must annually file financial reports with the Agency. These reports, the Florida Hospital Uniform Reporting System (FHURS), are the basis for calculating assessments to hospitals for PMATF liability. Currently, when hospitals file a report for less than a full year, the partial year report is subject to annualization of the PMATF assessment. This annualization can create a situation whereby a hospital may be over-assessed. In addition, it places the Agency in a position of estimating PMATF liability. In addition to the removal of the annualization of the PMATF calculations, the rule amendment will clarify the methods by which the quarterly assessments are made, collected and adjusted. These changes significantly clarify the amount and methods for assessing and collecting PMATF funding for both the public and the Agency.