The Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) gives notice that it is amending Chapter 62-600, F.A.C., to update, clarify, and eliminate redundancy in requirements applicable to domestic wastewater facilities. Rules will be revised to simplify and clarify requirements, correct rule references, and to be made consistent with more recently adopted rules and statutory requirements. Rules will be repealed where requirements are obsolete, duplicative of other rules or statutory requirements, or have been superseded by other rules or statutory requirements. As part of this rulemaking effort, some requirements from Chapter 62-601, F.A.C., Domestic Wastewater Treatment Plant Monitoring, will be incorporated into Chapter 62-600, F.A.C. Chapter 62-601, F.A.C., will then be repealed simultaneously with the rulemaking to adopt the amendments to 62-600, F.A.C.