The purpose of Chapter 5M-7, F.A.C., is to effect pollutant reduction through the implementation of non- regulatory and incentive based programs which may be determined to have minimal individual or cumulative adverse impacts to the water resources of the state. Chapter 5M-7, F.A.C., references the document titled Best Management Practices for Gulf Citrus (March 2006), which provides details on the practices which will be used to achieve the purpose. The manual, which may be obtained from the FDACS Office of Agricultural Water Policy, 1203 Governor’s Square Boulevard, Suite 200, Tallahassee, Florida 32301, (850)617-1700, lists approved BMPs for the Gulf Citrus growing region of Florida. Citrus growers wishing to participate in the program will file a Notice of Intent to Implement (NOI), and will agree to confirm implementation by preserving documentation sufficient for the purpose. Upon implementation of BMP practices, growers will be granted a presumption of compliance.