Pursuant to 40 CFR 51.102, the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) announces a public hearing and opportunity to offer comments on a proposed revision to Florida’s State Implementation Plan (SIP) under the Clean Air Act. This proposed SIP revision consists of an amendment to DEP’s June 7, 2018 proposed redesignation request and maintenance plan for the Hillsborough County sulfur dioxide (SO2) nonattainment area. This amendment consist of incorporating recent permit revisions for Tampa Electric Company, Big Bend Station, that restricts Big Bend Units 1 and 2 to firing only natural gas, lowers the four-unit SO2 cap, and amends the method of compliance used for the four-unit SO2 emissions cap to remove the continuous emission monitoring systems for Units 1 and 2, replacing it with using 40 CFR Part 75 to calculate SO2 emissions. The materials comprising DEP’s proposed SIP revision may be obtained through DEP’s website at