As part of the approval of the Imperiled Species Management Plan in 2016, the Commission added language to 68A-27.003 about authorizing activities in Commission-approved guidelines. The Commission also approved Species Conservation Measures and Permitting Guidelines (Guidelines) for the Florida sandhill crane, Everglades mink, Florida Keys mole skink, Key ringneck snake, Rim rock crowned snake, and White crowned pigeon in November of 2016. The Commission approved Guidelines for the Blackmouth shiner, Barbour’s map turtle, Black creek crayfish, Santa Fe cave crayfish, Big cypress fox squirrel, Florida pine snake, and Florida burrowing owl in February of 2018. Finally, the Commission approved Guidelines for the Florida bog frog, Georgia Blind salamander, Crystal darter, Southern tessellated darter, Sherman’s short-tailed shrew, and four Threatened wading birds: the little blue heron, tricolored heron, reddish egret, and roseate spoonbill in December of 2018. All these Commission-approved guidelines clarify activities that do not require a permit and provide information about how FWC issues permits. To authorize activities that are exempt from permitting and to clarify which guidelines are Commission approved, staff have proposed adding language and hyperlinks to make this document accessible to the public electronically.