Routine meeting of the Advisory Council on Radiation Protection to discuss and make recommendations on, or issues relating to, the following: radiation protection; radiation exposure and dose; national organizations and professional societies/associations, including their standards, recommendations, registrants and certificate holders; radiation requirements of federal agencies; radiation machines; radioactive materials including medical radioisotopes; radiation procedures and practices; radiologic technologists, radiologist assistants, specialty technologists, medical physicists, and other radiation-related personnel including their titles, duties, scopes of practice and supervision; educational programs and training courses; authorized operator/user/physicist requirements; emergency response and preparedness; radiation incidents/accidents; environmental monitoring; food irradiation; radiation therapy; fees; forms; license, certification, registration, and examination; 64E-3, 64E-4, and 64E-5, F.A.C.; Chapters 404 and 468, Part IV, F.S., including the implementation of legislation affecting these Chapters; the Bureau of Radiation Control, including it's Internet site; and other business.