The meeting agenda will consist of approval of minutes from State Board meeting held March 19, 2019, and updates by Superintendent Browning on behalf of the Florida Association of District School Superintendents; the Florida College System – President Atwater on behalf of the Council of Presidents; Status Report on Turnaround Option Plans for Duval County; and a presentation on Information Technology. Additional items for consideration include action relating to the following: Florida’s Carl D. Perkins V Transition Plan; Budget Guidelines for Development of 2020-21 Legislative Budget Request; Amendment to Rule 6A-1.0014, F.A.C., Comprehensive Management Information System; Amendment to Rule 6A-6.0571, F.A.C., Career and Technical Education and Adult General Education Standards and Industry-Driven Benchmarks; Amendment to Rule 6A-6.0573, F.A.C., Industry Certification Process; Amendment to Rule 6A-10-0401, F.A.C., Gold Standard Career Pathways Articulation Agreements; Amendment to Rules 6A-23.002, F.A.C., Definitions; 6A-23.003, F.A.C., Eligibility and Procedure for Apprenticeship Program Registrations; 6A-23.004, F.A.C., Standards of Apprenticeship; 6A-23.005, F.A.C., Apprenticeship Agreement; 6A-23.006, F.A.C., Deregistration of Department Registered Program; 6A-23.008, F.A.C., Complaints; 6A-23.009, F.A.C., Reinstatement of Program Registration; and 6A-23.011, F.A.C., Program Performance Standards; Amendment to Rule 6A-10.024, F.A.C., Articulation Between and Among Universities, Florida Colleges, and School Districts; 2019-2020 Dual Enrollment Course- High School Subject Area Equivalency List; Designation of 2017-2018 Academically High-Performing School Districts; Building Lease Extension; WJCT TV Jacksonville; Amendment to Rule 6M-4.500, F.A.C., Child Attendance and Provider Reimbursements; and Amendment to Rule 6M-4.630, F.A.C., Statewide Provider Contract Monitoring Tool for the School Readiness Program. Board members will receive a tour of Greco Middle School, 6925 E. Flower Ave., Temple Terrace, FL 33617, upon conclusion of the meeting.