Agenda topics may include approval of minutes; legal, legislative & regulatory matters; board appointment process; service recognition; FRSA request regarding PEO clients minimum premium policies and Code 5551 minimum remuneration; financial and operations reports; and committee reports on agency producer agreement; agency producer termination, suspension & revocation; agency producer fees; changes of agency &/or designated producer; agency authorization process; agency producer activities; Investment Committee 2019-2020 meeting schedule; investment marketplace update; portfolio compliance review; investment policy & guidelines review; investment manager performance; 2018 financial audit; federal tax matters; Audit Committee Charter procedures checklist; auditor confirmation; market assistance plan; safety program; 2018 Annual Report; policy administration & managed care service provider selection; disaster recovery matters; return of premium dividend; Subplan D; Operations Manual revisions; and review of rates, rating plans & policy forms and associated matters to include application forms.