The District proposes develop new rules as well as amend and repeal existing rules as part of a statewide effort headed by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) and joined by all water management districts (WMDs) to increase consistency in the consumptive use permitting (CUP). This necessitates addressing procedural rules. The changes will address the goals of the DEP and the WMDs in streamlining the permitting process and making the permitting process less confusing for applicants. Additional information about the statewide CUP consistency initiative and this rulemaking process is available at DEP's website at: Among other things, this rule development will cover the amendment, repeal, or development of rules as needed to accomplish CUP consistency goals, on the following subjects: (1) consumptive use permit criteria; (2) limiting conditions (permit conditions by rule); (3) permit thresholds; (4) permit types; (5) permit duration; (6) water conservation requirements; (7) modification of permits; (8) 10-year compliance reports; (9) compliance monitoring and forms; (10) application forms; (11) permit fees to address related changes to permit thresholds or permit types; (12) the District’s Water Use Permit Information Manual Part B, Basis of Review for Water Use Permit Applications; (13) procedural rules in Chapter 40D-1, F.A.C.; (14) water levels and rates of flows rules in Chapter 40D-8; (15) water shortage plan rules in Chapter 40D-21, F.A.C.; and (15) other rules for which conforming amendments may be needed along with any rule changes made in the subject areas identified above.