The purpose of the proposed amendment is to update, clarify, and re-adopt the forms and their instructions incorporated by reference in Chapter 34-8, F.A.C., and to address changes required by law. All of the forms and instructions will reference the 2019 filing year. Rules 34-8.002 and 34-8.008, F.A.C., are being amended to add to the instructions for CE Form 6 and CE Form 6F that members of an expressway agency created pursuant to Chapter 348 or 343, F.S., are required to file those forms. Rules 34-8.202 and 34-8.208, F.A.C., are being amended to omit from the instructions for CE Form 1 and CE Form 1F assistant bureau chiefs from the definition of individuals required to file those forms and to clarify the threshold amount provided for in Section 287.017, F.S., for purchasing agents required to the file those forms has been raised from CATEGORY ONE ($20,000) to CATEGORY TWO ($35,000). And Rule 34-8.202, F.A.C., is being amended to clarify in CE Form 1 that the disclosure period is the calendar year.