On May 31, 2006, Emergency Rule 19ER06-2, (19-8.013) Revenue Bonds Issued Pursuant to Section 215.555(6), F.S. was approved for filing by the Governor and Cabinet and was filed and became effective. Subsequently, it was determined that an additional change was needed to provide that reimbursement premiums received in the Contract Years 2007-2008 and thereafter are available to secure the bonds issued on behalf of the Florida Hurricane Catastrophe Fund (“FHCF”) by the Florida Hurricane Catastrophe Finance Corporation (“Corporation”). This emergency Rule 19ER06-4, includes all the changes made by emergency Rule 19ER06-2. The primary difference is that in this emergency rule, the following sentence in paragraph (4)(c)2. is amended: Amounts collected in Contract Year 2006-2007 as part of the premium that are attributable to the rapid cash buildup factor, as permitted by Section 215.555(5)(b), F.S., may be used to pay for losses attributable to prior Contract Years.