The proposed emergency rule is necessary because of a lack of funding for free wind inspections under the My Safe Florida Home program, which was created under Section 215.5586, F.S. The emergency rule becomes effective immediately upon filing. There is an immediate danger to the public welfare because of potential homeowner confusion regarding the status of their legal rights under the program which could expose consumers to the risk of unintended financial obligations. The rule currently states that homeowners will be able to receive a free wind inspection if the homeowner lives in a single-family, site-built, detached home. However, during the 2009 Florida Legislative session, the My Safe Florida Home program was not granted any additional funding to sustain the program. Therefore, there is no current funding to provide free inspections to Florida homeowners. If an Emergency Rule is not put into place repealing Rule 69J-7.003, F.A.C., homeowners will be ostensibly granted a right under the rule that has been abrogated by the Florida Legislature. This emergency rule serves to repeal Rule 69J-7.003, F.A.C.