Rule 64I-2.001 is being amended to remove definitions clearly stated in statute, remove unnecessary language and correct an obsolete program reference. Rule 64I-2.002 is being amended to eliminate language clearly stated in statute, add language allowing providers to determine and approve client eligibility in accordance with recent statutory changes, update references to the Training Guide and the Financial Eligibility form, and incorporate the Patient Referral form. Rule 64I-2.003 is being repealed to remove language no longer authorized by statute. Rule 64I-2.004 is being amended to clarify existing requirements, incorporate the contract, DH 1029, and eliminate unnecessary language. Rule 64I-2.005 is being repealed to remove redundant language. Rule 64I-2.006 is being repealed to comply with recent changes to the statute. Rule 64I-2.009 is being amended to clarify existing requirements and eliminate unnecessary language.