On February 2, 2007, the Florida Land and Water Adjudicatory Commission (“Commission”) received a petition to establish the Southeastern Community Development District (the “District”). A revision to the petition was submitted on February 14, and March 15, 2007. The petition, as revised, filed by The St. Joe Company requests the Commission establish a community development district located entirely within the City of Tallahassee, and unincorporated Leon County, Florida. The land area proposed to be served by the District comprises approximately 1,034.98 acres. A general location map is contained as Exhibit 1 to the petition, as revised, to establish the District. The proposed land area is generally located north of Tram Road, east of Capital Circle S.E. and south of Apalachee Parkway. There are two out-parcels located within the external boundaries of the proposed District to be excluded from the District. The current owners’ names and addresses of the two out-parcels are contained in the petition, as revised. The Petitioner either owns or has obtained written consent to establish the District from the owners of 100% of the real property located within the proposed District. The current plans within the District boundaries envision approximately 1,184 single family homes, 222 townhomes, 28 villas, 451 apartments and 200,000 square feet of commercial and office space. The District plans to finance certain master infrastructure improvements within the District boundaries. These improvements include roadways, entrance features, recreation improvements and storm water management facilities.