19-11.010. FRS Investment Plan: Privacy  

Effective on Wednesday, April 12, 2017
  • 1(1) Investment Plan members and beneficiaries are required to submit certain personal identifying information, including their federally-issued social security number. Each of the vendors under contract with the State Board of Administration (SBA) is contractually obligated to protect this information to the fullest extent permissible by law.

    48(2) A member of the Investment Plan may authorize a particular person such as the member’s spouse or financial advisor, to receive personal identifying information by giving the person a power of attorney or by submitting by electronic means or in paper form a signed and notarized consent clearly identifying the person to whom the information may be given as well as specifying exactly what information may be disclosed.

    117(3) Upon the death of an Investment Plan member who had submitted a beneficiary designation form, the named beneficiary(ies) must provide certain personal identifying information to the SBA before any information regarding the member will be released. The types of information are letters of administration issued by the relevant probate court; certified copies of the death certificate; copies of marriage certificates; the member’s social security number; and any other requested information that can be verified with a governmental agency.

    196Rulemaking Authority 198121.4501(8) FS. 200Law Implemented 202119.071, 203121.4501(19) FS. 205History–New 11-26-07, Amended 7-12-12, 4-12-17.


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