25-30.437. Financial, Rate and Engineering Information Required of Class A and B Water and Wastewater Utilities in an Application for Rate Increase  

Effective on Tuesday, November 30, 1993
  • 1Each Class A or B utility applying for a rate increase shall provide the information required by Commission Form PSC/AFD 19-W (11/93), entitled “Class A Water and/or Wastewater Utilities Financial, Rate and Engineering Minimum Filing Requirements”, or PSC/AFD 20-W (11/93), entitled “Class B Water and/or Wastewater Utilities Financial, Rate and Engineering Minimum Filing Requirements”, whichever is applicable. These forms are incorporated into this rule by reference and may be obtained from the Director, Division of Accounting and Finance, Florida Public Service Commission, 2540 Shumard Oak Boulevard, Tallahassee, Florida 32399-0850. In compiling the required schedules, additional instructions are set forth below:

    101(1) Each section of this form shall be indexed and tabbed, including a table of contents listing the page numbers of each schedule.

    124(2) If information requested in the form described above is not applicable to the applicant, so state and provide an explanation on the specific schedule.

    149(3) If a projected test year is used, provide a complete set of Commission Form PSC/AFD 19-W (for Class A utilities) or PSC/AFD 20-W (for Class B utilities) (as described above) which require a designation of historical or projected information. Such schedules shall be submitted for the historical base year, and any year subsequent to the base year and prior to the projected test year, in addition to the projected test year. If no designation is shown on a schedule, submit that schedule for the test year only. In lieu of providing separate pages for the above required schedules, the information required can be combined on the same page by adding additional columns. In the rate base schedules, Section A, the beginning and end of year balances shall be shown. For any intermediate period or year, only the year-end balance shall be shown. A schedule shall also be included which describes in detail all methods and bases of projection, explaining the justification for each method or basis employed. If an historical test year is used, Schedule E-13 is not required.

    329(4) Only two copies of Schedule E-14, entitled Billing Analysis Schedules, shall be filed with the application. Each copy shall be submitted in a separate binder from the other required information.

    360(5) If a petition for interim rates is filed, a utility shall demonstrate that it is earning outside the range of reasonableness on rate of return calculated in accordance with Section 391367.082(5), F.S. 393In doing such, the utility shall submit schedules of rate base, cost of capital and net operating income on an historical basis, with schedules of all adjustments thereto, consistent with Commission Form PSC/AFD 19-W (for a Class A utility) or PSC/AFD 20-W (for a Class B utility), (described above).

    442(6) In proposing rates, the utility shall use the base facility and usage charge rate structure, unless an alternative rate structure is adequately supported by the applicant. The base facility charge incorporates fixed expenses of the utility and is a flat monthly charge. This charge is applicable as long as a person is a customer of the utility, regardless of whether there is any usage. The usage charge incorporates variable utility expenses and is billed on a per 1,000 gallon or 100 cubic feet basis in addition to the base facility charge. The rates are first established with the 5/8'' x 3/4'' meter as the foundation. For meter sizes larger than 5/8'', the base facility charge shall be based on the usage characteristics.

    566Rulemaking Authority 568367.121 FS. 570Law Implemented 572367.081, 573367.082 FS. 575History–New 6-10-75, Amended 10-16-77, 3-26-81, Formerly 25-10.176, Amended 11-10-86, 6-25-90, 11-30-93.


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