25-6.033. Tariffs  

Effective on Monday, December 30, 2019
  • 1(1) A utility may adopt rules and regulations governing its relations with customers 14in addition to those required by Commission rules22. 23But any s26uch rule or regulation 30must be consistent with Commission rules and must be filed with 41the utility’s tariffs.

    44(2) All tariff filings must conform to Chapter 25-9, Florida Administrative Code, and must include the following provisions:

    62(a) Definitions of customer classes.

    67(b) Rules prospective customers must comply with as a condition of receiving service, and the terms of any required contracts.

    87(c) Rules for establishing credit by customers for payment of service bills.

    99(d) Rules governing deposits and interest on deposits.

    107(e) Rules governing the procedure for disconnecting and reconnecting service.

    117(f) 118Rules governing a customer’s request to discontinue service126.

    127(g) Rules governing temporary, emergency, auxiliary or stand-by service.

    136(h) Rules covering billing periods.

    141(i) Rules covering a customer’s construction requirements.

    148(j) Rules covering a special type of construction commonly requested by customers that the utility allows to be connected. This applies, for example, to a case where a customer desires underground service in overhead territory.

    183(k) Rules covering any portion of service the utility furnished, owns, and maintains.

    196(l) Rules covering inspection of customer-owned facilities by proper authorities before service is rendered.

    210(3) No rules and regulations, schedules of rates or charges, or modification or revisions of the same, will be effective until approved by the Commission.

    235Rulemaking Authority 237350.127(2), 238366.05(1) FS. 240Law Implemented 242366.03, 243366.05(1), 244366.06 FS. 246History–New 7-29-69, Formerly 25-6.33, Amended 12-30-19.