25-6.0346. Quarterly Reports of Work Orders and Safety Compliance  

Effective on Thursday, March 2, 2017
  • 1(1) Each investor-owned electric utility, rural electric cooperative and municipal electric utility shall provide a work order list, relating to the construction and/or maintenance of transmission and distribution facilities that is completed by the utility or one of its contractors. The work order list shall contain the utility name, contact name, quarter and year, work order number, location of construction, county of construction, estimated costs, and brief description of the work (overhead and underground), and shall be sent via email to Electric-QTR-Reports@psc.state.fl.us no later than the 30th working day after the last day of the reporting quarter. Form PSC/ENG 157 (12/12), “PSC Quarterly Report of Completed Work Orders,” which is available at 114http://www.flrules.org/Gateway/reference.asp?No=Ref-02040, 116is an example work order list that may be completed and filed to meet the reporting requirement for this rule. This form is incorporated into this rule by reference and may also be obtained from the Commission’s Division of Administrative and Information Technology Services.

    160(2) In its quarterly report, each utility shall certify to the Commission that all work described in the completed work orders listed in the quarterly report meets or exceeds the applicable standards. Compliance inspections by the Commission shall be made on a random basis or as appropriate.

    207Rulemaking Authority 209350.127(2), 210366.05(1) FS. 212Law Implemented 214366.04(2)(f), 215(6), 216366.05(1) FS. 218History–New 12-16-12, Amended 2213-2-17222.


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