33-203.601. Employee Benefit Trust Fund  

Effective on Sunday, September 18, 2016
  • 1(1) The purpose of the Trust Fund shall be to:

    11(a) Construct, operate, and maintain training and recreation facilities at correctional facilities for the exclusive use of department employees. Any facility constructed using funds from the Employee Benefit Trust Fund is the property of the department and must provide the maximum benefit to all interested employees, regardless of gender.

    60(b) Provide funding for employee appreciation programs and activities designed to enhance the morale of employees.

    76(2) The Employee Benefit Trust 81Fund shall be established in the Bureau of Finance and Accounting. Oversight and administration of the Fund shall be the responsibility of the Central Office Employee Benefit Trust Fund Team (Central Office Team). The primary function of the Central Office Team will be to standardize the operation of the Employee Benefit Trust Fund. The Central Office Team’s responsibilities shall include authorizing disbursements from the Fund, reviewing and approving the number and location of vending machines and canteens, recommending staffing patterns, and performing a monthly review of checks written. The Central Office Team shall be comprised of four members appointed by the Secretary183.

    184(3) An Institutional Employee Benefit Trust Fund Team (Institutional Team) appointed by the warden will be established at each institution. Each Institutional Team will make recommendations to the Central Office Team for employee benefit projects and for the number and location of vending machines and canteens. 230Each Institutional Team shall also, as to its institution, 239review canteen operations, establish inventory levels, and develop a methodology to establish pricing. Each Institutional Team shall be made up of the following staff members:

    264(a) The warden, chair;

    268(b) A security representative from each unit, annex or work camp;

    279(c) A representative from classification;

    284(d) The general services specialist; and,

    290(e) One institution employee.

    294(4) Local institutions are authorized to submit money to the Trust Fund from the following sources:

    310(a) Proceeds of vending machines, staff canteens, or other such services not intended for use by inmates;

    327(b) Donations, except donations by, or on behalf of an inmate.

    338(5) Disbursements from the Fund will be authorized for the purchase of items for resale or operating supplies as approved by the Central Office Team and expenditures that are in accordance with authorized uses of the Fund. Local bank accounts shall be established at each institution for the purchase of items for resale or operating supplies394. Local bank accounts are to be approved by the Central Office Team.

    407(6) The Central Office Team will establish an amount to be retained in each local account. Funds in excess of operating needs will be transferred to the central account. The central account shall be designated and maintained by the Central Office Team.

    449(7) Institutions requesting to withdraw money from the fund for purchases not assigned to their level of approval shall submit a request to the Central Office Team describing the need for the funds and cost estimate for the project.

    488(8) The Central Office Team shall review each request to ensure that the purpose of the expenditure is in accordance with authorized uses of the fund and to ensure that the institution has sufficient funds earmarked for the amount of the withdrawal.

    530Rulemaking Authority 532945.215, 533945.21501 FS. 535Law Implemented 537945.215, 538945.21501 FS. 540History–New 4-13-08, Amended 6-7-12, 3-10-13, 7-17-13, 11-6-13, 1-5-14, 9-18-16.


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