40A-21.001. Policy and Purpose  

Effective on Sunday, March 29, 1992
  • 1(1) The procedures herein comprise the District’s Water Shortage Plan mandated by Chapter 14373.246(1), F.S. 16The purposes of the plan are to protect the water resources of the District from serious harm; to assure equitable distribution of available water resources among all water users during times of shortage, consistent with the goals of minimizing adverse economic, social and health-related impacts; to provide advance knowledge of the means by which water apportionments and reductions will be made during times of shortage; and to promote greater security for water use permittees.

    90(2) These procedures apply to all water users in the District, including those exempt from permitting pursuant to Chapter 40A-2, F.A.C. However, this plan is not intended to apply to users whose source of water is limited solely to treated effluent or seawater. Thus, for each source, method of extraction or diversion and type of use, it is the policy of the District to restrict water users uniformly, regardless of whether the user utilizes water from a public or private utility system, a private well for domestic or individual home use, or any other type of water supply facility.

    189Rulemaking Authority 191373.044, 192373.113 FS. 194Law Implemented 196373.175, 197373.246 FS. 199History–New 3-29-92.


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