40A-44.321. Duration of Permit  

Effective on Wednesday, March 27, 2019
  • 1(1) Unless revoked or otherwise modified, the duration of a permit pursuant to this chapter is:

    17(a) Five years, for a construction permit;

    24(b) Perpetual, for an operation and maintenance permit, except a34ny operation and maintenance permit on an existing facility shall automatically expire when a new operation and maintenance permit or abandonment permit is issued for that same facility.

    62(2) Construction permits expire automatically unless the permittee requests an extension before the expiration date.

    77Rulemaking Authority 79373.044, 80373.113, 81373.418 FS. 83Law Implemented 85373.118, 86373.406(5), 87373.413, 88373.416, 89373.426 FS. 91History–New 10-1-84, Amended 8-6-13, 3-27-19.