53ER06-59. Holiday MILLIONAIRE RAFFLE™ Retailer Incentive Rules (Replaced by 53ER09-71)  

Effective on Thursday, November 16, 2006
  • 153ER06-59 2Holiday MILLIONAIRE RAFFLE™ Retailer Incentive Rules8.

    9(2) Each 11Holiday 12MILLIONAIRE RAFFLE ticket will contain a unique ticket number that will be entered automatically into the 28Holiday 29MILLIONAIRE RAFFLE drawing. A random computerized drawing from among all 39Holiday 40MILLIONAIRE RAFFLE ticket numbers issued during the sales period will be held on 53January 1, 200756. A total of 130 prizes will be awarded. Prizes will be awarded in the order drawn. The first through tenth numbers drawn will win $1 million cash. The 11th through 30th numbers drawn will win $100,000 and will be alternates in the order drawn for a $1 million prize in the event a top prize is not claimed within the 180-day claim period. The 31st through 130th numbers drawn will win $10,000.

    131(3) A retailer who sells a winning $1 million 140Holiday 141MILLIONAIRE RAFFLE ticket will receive a bonus commission of $5,000 in addition to the regular five percent sales commission set forth in Rule 53ER05-14, 166F.A.C167.

    168(4) Award of a bonus commission is not dependent upon the winning 180Holiday 181MILLIONAIRE RAFFLE ticket being claimed by the winner. Retailers who sell winning $100,000 195Holiday 196MILLIONAIRE RAFFLE 198tickets that subsequently become alternate winners of a $1 million prize will not be awarded the bonus commission. Retailers who sell winning $10,000 222Holiday 223MILLIONAIRE RAFFLE 225tickets will not be eligible for a bonus commission.

    234(2355236) Retailers whose Florida Lottery contracts are terminated or inactivated prior to the bonus commission award shall be paid the bonus commission provided the termination or inactivation was not due to non-compliance with Florida Lottery laws, rules or contract terms.

    276(2776278) A bonus commission will be considered compensation to the re289tailer for Internal Revenue Service purposes. The Florida Lottery reserves the right to apply the bonus commission earned against a retailer’s outstanding debt to the Florida Lottery.

    316Specific Authority 31824.105(9), 31924.109(1), 32024.112(1) FS. 322Law Implemented 32424.105(9), 32524.112(1) FS. 327History328329New 33011-16-06331.