53ER06-60. Holiday MILLIONAIRE RAFFLE™ (Replaced by 53ER09-71)  

Effective on Thursday, November 16, 2006
  • 1(1) How to Play 5Holiday 6MILLIONAIRE RAFFLE8.

    9(a) 10Holiday 11MILLIONAIRE RAFFLE is an on-line number match game.

    19(b) Each 21Holiday 22MILLIONA23IRE RAFFLE ticket costs $20.

    28(c) 29Holiday 30MILLIONAIRE RAFFLE tickets will go on sale 37Monday, November 20, 200641. Sales of 44Holiday 45MILLIONAIRE RAFFLE tickets will cease immediately after the 1,250,00056th 57ticket is sold or at 62midnight 63on 64December 30, 2006, 67whichever occurs first.

    70(d) Each 72Holiday 73MILLIONAIRE RAFFLE ticket will contain a unique ticket number that will be entered automatically into the 89Holiday 90MILLIONAIRE RAFFLE drawing. 93Holiday 94MILLIONAIRE RAFFLE tickets will automatically print from the terminal with ticket numbers issued in sequential order from 1 to 1,250,000 as they are sold around the state. Each 124Holiday 125MILLIONAIRE RAFFLE ticket will contain only one ticket number. Players cannot select their own ticket numbers.

    141(e) The overall odds of winning a prize in the 151Holiday 152MILLIONAIRE RAFFLE drawing depend upon the number of tickets sold and are 1 in 9,615 if all 1,250,000 tickets are sold.

    176(f) 177Holiday 178MILLIONAIRE RAFFLE tickets cannot be cancelled.

    184(2) 185Holiday 186MILLIONAIRE RAFFLE Drawing and Prizes.

    191(a) A random computerized drawing from among all 199Holiday 200MILLIONAIRE RAFFLE ticket numbers issued during the sales period will be held on 213January 1, 2007, 216to select 130 numbers. Prizes will be awarded in the order drawn. The first through tenth numbers drawn will each win $1 million cash. The 11242th 243through 30245th 246numbers drawn will each win $100,000 cash and will be alternates in the order drawn for a $1 million prize in the event a top prize is not claimed within the 180-day claim period.  The 31283th 284through 130286th 287numbers drawn will each win $10,000 cash.

    295(b) The 297Holiday 298MILLIONAIRE RAFFLE drawing shall be public and witnessed by an accountant employed by an independent certified public accounting firm, as required by 320S321ection 32224.105(10), 323F.324S.

    325(c) The results of the drawing will be revealed on 335January 1, 2007, 338and will be available after the drawing on the Lottery’s website at 350www.flalottery.com, 351by phone at 354(355850356) 357487-7777, or at a lottery retailer.

    363(3) How to Claim a 368Holiday 369MILLIONAIRE RAFFLE Prize.

    372(a) 373Holiday 374MILLIONAIRE RAFFLE prizes must be claimed by submitting the winning ticket for validation at a Lottery office or retailer within 180 days from the date of the drawing (June 30, 2007) and, if the prize is not paid at that time, by submitting the winning ticket for payment at a Florida Lottery office, as required by the Lottery’s rule governing payment of prizes. Winning 438Holiday 439MILLIONAIRE RAFFLE tickets will be paid only at a Florida Lottery office. Tickets winning $1 million must be submitted for payment at Lottery Headquarters. Failure of a prizewinner to claim a 470Holiday 471MILLIONAIRE RAFFLE prize by submitting the winning ticket for validation and payment in accordance with the Lottery’s rule governing payment of prizes shall resu495lt in forfeiture of the prize. 501Information about procedures for filing a  claim can b510e obtained by calling (850) 515487-7777, 516(TDD517) (850) 519487-7784. 520Holiday 521MILLIONAIRE RAFFLE tickets are the only val528id receipts to redeem a prize.

    534(b) A claim filed for a $100,000 prize shall also be a contingent claim for a $1 million prize. If a winning 557Holiday 558MILLIONAIRE RAFFLE ticket bearing any of the first ten winning numbers is not submitted for validation and payment in accordance with the Lottery’s rule governing payment of prizes, the 11588th 589through 30591th 592prizewinners who have submitted their tickets for validation and payment in accordance with the Lottery’s rule governing payment of prizes constitute contingent winners for the $1 million prize and will be used in the order in which they were drawn to select a winner for the $1 million top prize. The contingent winner will be awarded the cash difference between the $100,000 655prize and the $1 million prize. 661If applicable, the Lottery will attempt to notify, for a period of two weeks, the first contingent winner drawn in the $100,000 prize category. If the Lottery is unable to contact the first contingent winner, the Lottery will attempt to notify, for a period of two weeks, the second contingent winner drawn. This process will continue until a contingent winner is contacted or the Lottery has exhausted the list of available contingent winners, in which case the $1 million prize will not be awarded.

    746(c) Payment of all federal, state and/or local taxes will be the responsibility of the winner. Federal withholding taxes will be deducted from the cash payment.

    772(4) General Information.

    775(a) 776Holiday 777MILLIONAIRE RAFFLE tickets shall be disqualified if any part is illegible, altered, mutilated, 790tampered with or duplicated.

    794(b) Players must be at least 18 years of age. Persons prohibited by Section 80824.116. 809F810.S., 811from purchasing a Florida Lottery ticket are not eligible to play.

    822(c) All 824Holiday 825MILLIONAIRE RAFFLE prizes are subject to the provisions of Chapter 24, F837.S., 838and rules promulgated thereunder. Prizes will be paid in accordance with the rules of the Florida Lottery governing payment of prizes.

    859A copy of the current rule can be obtained from the Florida Lottery, Office of the General Counsel, 877250 Marriott Drive, 880Tallahassee, 881Florida 88232399-4011883.

    884Specific Authority 88624.105(9), 88724.109(1) FS. 889Law Implemented 89124.105(9), 89224.115(1) FS. 894History–New 89511-16-06896.