53ER13-1. Viva Florida 500 Second Chance Promotion (Replaced by 53ER14-41)  

Effective on Friday, January 4, 2013
  • 1(1) 2Beginning 3January 48, 52013, 6through 7April 2, 2013, 10the Florida Lottery will conduct the 16Viva Florida 500 19Second Chance Promotion in which 24players can enter their non-winning 29FLORIDA TREASURE HUNT 32Florida Lottery Scrat35ch-O36ff tickets 38on the Florida Lottery web43site 44for a chance 47to win 49a Mazda® CX-5, 52a Florida Vacation 55Package, 56or 57$500 in cash60. 61Winning FLORIDA TREASURE HUNT 65tickets cannot be used for entry in72to the 74Viva Florida 500 77Second Chance Promotion.

    80(2) 81Three 82second c84hance d86rawings 87will be held between 91February 6, 93209413, 95and 96April 3, 2013, 99from entries 101submitted 102by midnight ET 105the night before each drawing. Entries will be good for one drawing only. The draw120ing 121schedule is123:


    126From Entries 128Submitted

    129Draw130ing 131Date


    133January 1348, 1352013 136137February 5, 1392011403

    141Wednesday, 142February 6, 1442011453


    147February 6, 2013 150151March 5, 2013

    154Wednesday, 155March 6, 1572011583


    160March 6, 2013 163164April 2, 2013

    167Wednesday, 168April 3, 2013

    171(1723) 173In each of the 177second chance drawings, 180one grand prize winner 184will win 186a Mazda CX-5, 189four 190second 191prize winners will win a 196Florida Vacation 198Package; 199and ten third prize winners will 205win 206$500 207in cash209. 210A grand total of 214forty-five 215prizes will be awarded in the second c223hance drawings225.

    226(4) 227To 228enter a non-winning 231FLORIDA TREASURE HUNT 234Scratch-235Off ticket 237in 238the 239Viva Florida 500 242Second Chance Promotion, 245visit the Florida Lottery’s 249web250site at 252www.253flalottery.com, 254click on 256the 257Viva Florida 500 260Second 261Chance 262banner, and follow 265the 266“Ticket Entry” 268directions269. 270Players will be prompted to log 276in or register. 279Scratch off the latex covering to reveal the 24-digit ticket 289number 290(4-digit game number and 20-295digit ticket number) 298located below the play instructions on the front of a Scratch-309O310ff ticket and enter the 315entire 31624-digit 317ticket 318number 319in the designated area323. 324P325layers will 327be provided an option to 332333D334iscover Florida” via the 338interactive 339Discover Florida Map 342and reveal the number of entries assigned to the ticket. 352Each non-winning FLORIDA TREASURE HUNT Scratch-Off ticket is randomly assigned a predetermined number of entries ranging between three and twelve. 372If players choose not to 377use the interactive feature 381or if they experience technical problems while 388using the interactive feature, 392the entries that would have been revealed in the course of 403404Discovering Florida406407will be credited to their entry account for that draw417ing 418period.

    419(5) 420Players may enter as many times as they wish during the 431promotion 432period. However, each valid ticket number may only be used one time, for one opportunity to receive entries 450in451t452o one 454Viva Florida 500 457s458econd 459c460hance d462rawing. Tickets should not be mailed to the Lottery unless players are contacted by the Florida L479ottery and requested to do so. 485Non-winning tickets received in the mail by the Florida 494Lottery will not be entered in 500the drawing and will not be returned. 507The odds of winning are dependent upon the number of entries 518submitted519.

    520(6521) 522Drawings. 523In 524each of the 527three 528drawings, the first valid 532entry 533drawn will win the grand p539rize of 541a Mazda® CX-5544. 545T546he 547second through 549f550ifth 551valid entries drawn will win a 557second 558prize of 560one of four Florida 564Vacation Package566s 567and $500569. Florida Vacation Packages 573will 574b575e awarded in the following order581: Boca Raton Resort & Club, Hawk’s Cay Resort, Melia Orlando Suite Hotel, and 595Renaissance World Golf Village. 599The 600sixth 601through 602fifteenth 603valid entries 605drawn 606will 607win a 609third prize 611of 612$500 and 614will be 616used 617in the order in wh622ich they were 625drawn 626and in the order of need 632to select an alternate 636grand prize 638or 639second prize winner 642in the 644event a 646grand prize or 649second prize 651cannot be awarded. 654Alternate winners 656will not be selected for 661third 662prizes.

    663(7) 664Notification.

    665(a) 666The prize 668winners in each second chance d674rawing will be posted on flalottery.com 680after the 682draw683ing684. 685The F687lo688r689ida Lottery will attempt to notify each 696grand prize, 698second prize, and third prize 703winner 704by telep706ho707n708e, U.S. mail or e-mail using the contact information provided in th720e 721winner’s registration data 724no later than 727one week 729after the winners are drawn. 734If the Florida Lottery is unable to contact a grand prize 745or 746second prize 748winner 749within three weeks of the date of the drawing, the winner will forfeit his or her right to claim the prize and the Florida Lottery will award the prize to 779the first 781alternate winner 783who has claimed his or her third prize in accordance with 794sub795section (8) 797as described 799below800. 801If the Florida Lottery is unable to contact the alternate winner within three weeks of the date of award of the prize, the alternate winner will forfeit his or her right to claim the prize and the Florida Lottery will award the prize to a second alternate winner. This process will continue until an alternate is contacted or the Florida Lottery has exhausted the list of available alternates869. 870If the Lottery is unable to contact an alternat879e, the 881prize 882will not be awarded. 886If the Florida Lottery is unable to contact a third prize winner within three weeks of the date of the drawing, the winner will forfeit his or her right to claim the prize and the prize will not be awarded. 926A third prize winner who forfeits his 933or her right to claim a third 940prize will also forfeit his or her right to serve as an alternate for a grand or second prize.

    959(b) 960A 961grand prize 963alternate winner 965who has claimed a third prize at the time of notification that he or she is the alternate winner of the grand prize 988may retain his or her 993third prize 995in addition to the grand prize1001

    1002(c) A second prize alternate winner 1008who has claimed a third prize at the time of notification that he or she is the alternate winner of the second prize 1031may retain his or her third prize; however, the second prize alternate winner 1044will 1045be awarded only the vacation package portion of the 1054second prize.

    1056(d) All entries are subject to validation by the Florida Lottery and may be disqualified if eligibility requirements are not met.

    1077(107881079) 1080How to Claim a Prize1085. 1086To claim a 1089grand 1090prize, 1091second prize, 1093or third prize 1096in a 1098Viva Florida 500 1101second chance d1104rawing, the player must submit to the Florida Lottery the original valid non-winning 1117FLORIDA TREASURE HUNT 1120ticket 1121bearing the 1123entry number selected 1126in the drawing. Without such ticket, the player will forfeit his or her right to claim a prize. Winners must submit the valid entry ticket along with a completed Winner Claim Form DOL 173-2, 1160revised 02/116211, 1163or Spanish Winner Claim Form DOL 173-2S, 1170revised 02/117211, 1173and appropriate identification1176. Grand prize and second prize winners must also submit 1186a notarized Florida Lottery Release and Authorization Form DOL-474, revised 10/08 1197or Spanish Florida Lottery Release and Authorization Form DOL-474S, effective 09/111208. 1209Form1210s DOL 173-2, DOL 173-2S, 1215DOL-474 1216and DOL-1218474S are 1220hereby incorporated by reference 1224and may be obtained at any Lottery office, from the Florida Lottery’s 1236w1237ebsite at 1239www.flalottery.com, 1240or by writing to: Florida Lottery, 1246Customer Service, 1248250 Marriott Drive, Tallahassee, Florida 32399-4016. 1254The required forms must be received by the Florida Lottery no later than one week after the winner 1272is notified by the Florida Lotte1278ry that he or she is a winner. 1286If the Florida Lottery has not received the required forms by the seventh day after notification, the winner will forfeit his or her right to claim the prize and the Florida Lottery will award the prize to an alternate wi1326nner as described in subsection 1331(6) above.

    1333(133491335) 1336Award of 1338Grand 1339Prizes. 1340Upon 1341the Florida Lottery’s receipt of a 1347grand prize 1349winner’s required documentation, the Lottery will 1355award a prize 1358of a 13602013 1361Mazda 1362CX-5 1363(Sport equipped with standard options)1368. 1369The winner will be able to select the color of t1380he vehicle from available color options1386.

    1387(a) 1388The 1389Florida Lottery will notify the fulfillment company, which will arrange for delivery of the vehic1404le to the designated authorized Mazda dealership from which the winner will take possessio1418n of his or her vehicle prize. 1425The designated dealership will be as near to the winner’s place of residence as is practicable. The winner must present proof of a valid driver’s license and proof of vehicle insurance as required by the laws of the state in which the vehicle is delivered, which in Florida are Chapters 322 and 320, 1478F.S., 1479respectively. 1480If the winner is unable to provide proof of a valid driver’s license, the vehicle must be removed by trailer or similar transport equipment provided by the winner or driven by a person who is able to provide proo1519f of a valid driver’s license. 1525The winner must take possession of the vehicle within thirty days of receipt of notification that it is ready for pick up 1547at the designated dealership. 1551If the winner fails to take possession of the vehicle within thirty days of pickup notification, unless prior alternate arrangements have been made, the vehicle prize will be forfeited and no cash prize will be substituted. The cost of travel to take possession of a vehicle prize shall be the responsibility of the prizewinner.

    1605(1606b1607) 1608The Florida Lottery provides no warranty for the 1616Mazda CX-51618. 1619Any warranties and guarantees are those of the manufacturer only.

    1629(1630c1631) The Florida Lottery will 1636pay 1637tax, tag, 1639title and additional 1642fees on the Mazda CX-5 as well as applicable federal income tax withholding on the value of the 1660Mazda CX-5 prize. 1663The Mazda CX-5 prize is valued at approximately $1672216733,1674995, 1675including 1676tax, 1677tag, 1678title 1679and 1680additional 1681fees 1682plus 1683applicable federal income tax withholding. 1688The reporting and subsequent payment of any additional federal, state and/or local taxes shall be the responsibility of the winner.

    1708(1709d1710) 1711The winner of the 1715Mazda CX-5 1717must be 18 years of age or older.

    1725(1726e1727) 1728A cash option is not available in lieu of the vehicle. 1739However, the Florida Lottery reserves the right to award a cash prize of $1753217543,1755995 1756in lieu of a vehicle if, for reasons beyond the control of the Lottery, a vehicle is not av1775ailable for award to a player. 1781Federal income tax withholding will be deducted from a cash prize 1792awarded under this provision. 1796Any additional federal, state and/or local taxes or other fees are the responsibility of the winner.

    1812(1181301814) 1815Award of Second Prizes. 1819Upon the Florida Lottery’s 1823receipt of a second prize winner’s required documentation, the Lottery 1833will 1834award a 1836cash 1837prize of 1839$1840500 and 1842a 1843Florida Vacation 1845Package1846. 1847The Lottery 1849will provide 1851second prize winners 1854a 1855certificate describing the vacation package won and containing all information necessary for the prize winner to make reservations to fulfill the prize. 1877The Florida Vacation Packages are1882: 1883Boca Raton Resort & Club, Boca Raton; 1890Hawk’s Cay Resort, Duck Key; 1895Melia Orlando Suite Hotel, 1899Orlando; 1900and 1901Renaissance World Golf Village, 1905St. Augustine1907.

    1908(a) 1909Boca Raton Resort & Club 1914Package. 1915Package 1916will 1917include four day1920s1921/three 1922night1923s’ 1924hotel 1925accommodations for two 1928persons, 1929one 1930dinner for two, a choice of 1936either two 50-minute 1939spa 1940treatments or one round of golf for two, 1948and $500 in cash. 1952(Estimated 1953retail 1954value 1955including 1956the cash portion of the prize 1962 1963$19642,196501966001967)

    1968(b) Hawk’s Cay 1971Resort 1972Package. 1973Package 1974will include 1976four day1978s1979/three 1980night1981s’ 1982hotel 1983accommodations 1984for two 1986persons, 1987one 1988sunset cruise for two, 50-minute 1993massage 1994for two, 1996two-hour 1997stand-up paddle board rentals for two, 2003and $500 in cash2007. 2008(E2009stimated retail 2011value including 2013the cash 2015portion of the prize 2019 2020$2,2021000)

    2022(c) 2023Melia Orlando Suite Hotel 2027Packag2028e. 2029Package 2030will include 2032four day2034s2035/three 2036night2037s’ 2038accommodations for 2040four 2041persons 2042in a two-bedroom condominium suite, daily 2048deluxe 2049continental breakfast for four, one lunch for four, one dinner for four, 2061and $500 in cash. 2065(Estimated retail value including 2069the cash portion of the prize 2075 2076$20771,5252079)

    2080(d) 2081Renaissance World Golf Village 2085Package. 2086P2087ackage will include 2090four day2092s2093/three night2095s’ 2096hotel 2097accommodations for two 2100persons, 2101one round of golf for 2106two, 2107and $500 in cash. 2111(Estimated 2112retail value including the cash 2117portion of the 2120prize 2121 2122$21231,4002125)

    2126Hotel accommodations 2128include all taxes and resort fees. 2134Reservations must be made with the hotel a minimum of thirty days prior to the winn2150er’s arrival. 2152Each 2153F2154lorida Vacation Package must 2158be 2159used 2160by April 3, 2014. 2164A second prize 2167do2168es 2169not include 2171travel 2172to and 2174from the resort2177/hotel, 2178mileage, meals 2180(except as specified above), 2184parking fees, 2186incidentals, tips, telephone ca2190lls or any o2194ther personal expenses such as 2199valet service, laundry, 2202etc., 2203as well as revision or cancellation fees 2210that 2211may be charged by the hotel or other suppliers. 2220The second prize winner must have a valid credit card or shall be required to post 2236a cash 2238deposit to cover incidental costs 2243when checking 2245into the hotel. 2248The s2250econd 2251prize winner 2253must present acceptable 2256identification and/or travel documents (e.g., a valid U.S. driver22652266s license or passport). 2270A winner 2272may 2273transfer 2274the vacation portion of the second prize 2281one time, 2283prior to booking, 2286at no additional cost; however, the value of the second prize will remain 2299taxable income to the winner. 2304T2305he Florida Lottery, reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to substitute 2317a 2318different prize of comparable value should the second prize become unavailable. 2329A 2330cash option is not available in lieu of a second prize.

    2341(1234212343) Award of Third Prizes. 2348Upon the Florida Lottery’s receipt of a third prize winner’s required documentation, the Florida Lottery will award a cash prize of $500. 

    2370(1237122372) 2373All prizes are subject to the provisions of Chapter 24, 2383F.S., 2384and rules promulgated thereunder.

    2388Prizes 2389shall be paid in accordance 2394with the rule 2397of the Florida Lotter2401y governing payment of prizes. 2406A copy of the current 2411prize payment 2413rule can be obtained from the Florida Lottery, Office of the General Counsel, 250 Marriott Drive, Tallahassee, Florida 32399-4011.

    2432(1243332434) 2435All entries are subject to validation by the Florida Lottery and may 2447be disqualified if eligibility 2451requirements are not met.

    2455(1245642457) Except as specifically mentioned herein, all federal, state and/or local taxes or other fees on the prizes won in 2477the 2478Viva Florida 500 2481Second Chance 2483Promotion 2484will be the responsibility of the winner. 2491Federal income taxes are 2495required to be withheld from a 2501second 2502prize awarded to a nonresident alien claimant at the rate of thirty percent pursuant to applicable provisions of the Internal Revenue Code2524. 2525A nonresident alien claimant who is selected as a winner of a second prize for 2540which the amount of the withholding tax will exceed the cash portion of the prize will be required to pay the excess amount or forfeit the prize. The reporting and subsequent payment of any additional federal, state or local taxes will be the responsibility of the nonresident alien winner.

    2589(1259052591) If 2593the winner of 2596a second prize 2599in 2600a 2601Viva Florida 500 2604second chance d2607rawing 2608is identified as owing an outstanding debt to a state agency or child support collected through a court, the debt will b2630e collected in accordance with S2636ection 263724.115, 2638F.S2639. If the debt is an amount 2646of 2647less than the cash portion of the prize, 2655the non-cash portion of the prize and the cash portion of the prize less 2669the amount owed 2672shall be awarded. If the winner is identified as owing such a debt in an amount greater than the cash portion of the prize, the winner’s entire cash portion of the prize will be applied toward the outstanding debt as provided in 2714S2715ection 271624.115, 2717F.S., 2718and the winner will receive the remaining non-cash portion of the prize2730.

    2731(2732162733) Players must be at least 18 years of age. Persons 2744prohibited by 2746S2747ection 274824.116, 2749F.S., 2750from purchasing a Florida Lottery ticket are not eligible to play.

    2761(2762172763) The right to claim a prize cannot be assigned to another person or entity.

    2778(2779182780) By entering 2783the 2784Viva Florida 500 2787Second Chance 2789Promotion, 2790a player gives his or her permission for the Florida Lottery to provide the player’s address and telephone number to 2810VISIT 2811FLORIDA2812® and to the Lottery’s fulfillment company 2819for 2820prize fulfillment purposes.

    2823(2824192825) By entering 2828the 2829Viva Florida 500 2832Second Chance 2834Promotion, 2835a player gives his or her permission for the Florida Lottery to photograph and/or videotape and record the prizewinner with or without prior notification and to use the name, photograph, videotape, and/or recording of the prizewinner for advertising or publicity purposes without additional compensation.

    2879(2288002881) 2882Viva Florida 500 2885second chance d2888rawings shall be public, held in Tallahassee, Florida, and witnessed by an accountant employed by an independent ce2906rtified public accounting firm.

    2910Rulemaking Authority 291224.105(9), 291324.1029149(1) 2915FS. 2916Law Implemented 291824.105(9), 291924.115(1) 2920FS. 2921History–New 29221-4-13, 2923Replaced by 53ER14-41.