53ER13-27. Miami Heat Playoff Experience Promotion Correction (Replaced by 53ER14-21)  

Effective on Monday, April 22, 2013
  • 1(1) 2On April, 22, 2013, the Florida Lottery discovered that the 12on-line 13gaming 14system was inadvertently set to include all 21Florida Lottery 23retailers in the state of Florida rather than just retailers in the Fort Myers, West Palm Beach and Miami Sales Districts 44as specified in Rule 53ER13-26, 49F.A.C., 50Miami Heat Playoff Experience Promotion. 55The error was corrected and the promotion reset to include the three designated districts at approximately 12:00 72N73oon on April 22, 2013. 78Therefore, 79all 80players who purchase83d 84a single $10.00 or more POWERBALL® or POWERBALL with POWERPLAY® ticket at any Florida Lottery retailer on 101April 22, 2013, 104and received a voucher for the promotion 111during the period 114from 1156:00 a117.118m. through 120approximately 12112:00 122N123oon 124(125ET126), 127may 128enter 129their 130voucher131s 132as set forth in Rule 53ER13-26, 138F.A.C., 139and 140will be included in the Friday, May 17, 2013, 149drawing.

    150(1512152) 153Except as provided in subsection 158(1) 159above, all other provisio163ns 164of 165R166ule 53ER16813-26, 169F.A.C. 170shall remain in effect.

    174Rulemaking Authority 17624.105(9), 17724.109(1) 178FS. 179Law Implemented 18124.105(9), 18224.115(1) FS. 184History–New 1854-22-13, Replaced by 53ER14-21.