53ER13-58. FANTASY 5® (Replaced by 53ER14-20)  

Effective on Monday, September 9, 2013
  • 1(1) How to Play FANTASY 5®.

    7(a) FANTASY 5 is a lottery on14line 15terminal 16game in which players select five (5) numbers from a field of one (1) to thirty-six (36).

    33(b) Players may make their FANTASY 5 ticket selections by marking a play slip or by telling the retailer their desired selections. There are ten (10) panels on a play slip. Each panel played will cost $1.00 per drawing. Players may mark their desired numbers on the play slip by selecting five (5) numbers from each panel played, or may mark the “Quick Pick” box located at the bottom of each panel for the terminal to randomly select one (1) or more of the five (5) numbers. A “Void” box is also located at the bottom of each panel and should be marked by the player if an error was made in his or her selections in a panel. 152Players must use only blue or black ink or pencil for making selections. Play slips must be processed by a retailer in order to obtain a ticket. Retailers also are authorized to manually enter numbers selected by a player.

    191(c) Players may mark the $5 “Quick Picks” box to receive one (1) ticket with five (5) sets of five (5) randomly selected numbers for the next FANTASY 5 drawing; or may mark the $10 “Quick Picks” box to receive one (1) ticket with ten (10) sets of five (5) randomly selected numbers for the next FANTASY 5 drawing. Players may mark Quick Picks in addition to panel plays.

    260(d261) Players may play up to thirty (30) consecutive FANTASY 5 drawings by using the “advance play” feature. To use the advance play feature, players may either mark the number of drawings desired in the Advance Play section of a play slip or tell the retailer their desired number of consecutive advance drawings. The number of consecutive drawings marked will include the next available drawing and will apply to each panel (A-J) played. Advance play is not available with the Quick Picks box on the play slip. In the event that a planned change in the FANTASY 5 game requires that the number of advance plays available for purchase be reduced to zero before implementation of the change, an advance play countdown schedule will be posted on the Lottery’s website, flalottery.com.

    392(393e394) 395Players may mark the appropriate 400EZmatch box to receive a FANTASY 4065 ticket with Ezmatch for a chance to instantly win cash prizes.

    418(2) FANTASY 5 Drawings.

    422(a) FANTASY 5 drawings shall be conducted daily.

    430(b) The equipment shall be configured so that five (5) balls are drawn from one (1) set of balls numbered one (1) through thirty-six (36).

    455(456c457) Five (5) balls 461will be selected in the drawing. 467The numbers shown on the five (5) balls, after certification by the Draw Manager and the Accountant, shall be the official winning numbers for the drawing.

    493(494d495) The Florida Lottery shall not be responsible for incorrect circulation, publication or broadcast of the official winning numbers.

    514(3) FANTASY 5 Prize Divisions.

    519(a) FANTASY 5 is a pari-mutuel game. For each draw, 52950 530percent (50%) of 533net sales (gross sales less cancels and free tickets) 542from the sale of FANTASY 5 tickets in the corresponding FANTASY 5 sales period 556shall be allocated as the winning pool for payment of the top prize, 569second prize and third prize.

    574(b) The top prize pool shall consist of 58262 583percent (62%) of the winning pool for the drawing plus any money carried forward from the previous draw. Prize money allocated to the top prize pool shall be divided equally among the players who match all five (5) official winning numbers. If there is no top prize winner in a drawing, the top prize pool shall roll down and be added to the second prize pool for that FANTASY 5 drawing.

    654(c) The second prize pool shall consist of 66210 663percent (10%) of the winning pool for the drawing plus any money r676olled down from the top prize. 682The second prize pool shall be divided equally among the players matching four (4) of five (5) official winning numbers except that the maximum prize amount per winner shall be $555. Any funds in the second prize pool in excess of the second prize liability shall roll down and be added to the third prize pool. If there is no winner in the second prize category for a drawing, the second prize pool shall roll down and be 760added to the third prize pool.

    766(d) The third prize pool shall consist of 77428 775percent (28%) of the winning pool for the drawing plus any money rolled down from the second prize pool. The third prize pool shall be divided equally among the players matching three (3) of five (5) official winning numbers. If there is no winner in the third prize category for a drawing, the third prize pool is carried over and added to the top prize pool of the next FANTASY 5 drawing.

    847(e) A fourth prize shall consist of one (1) free FANTASY 5 quick pick ticket ($1.00 value), except as follows. A player who submits by mail a FANTASY 5 lottery ticket which entitles the claimant to a free FANTASY 5 quick pick ticket and whose mailing address is outside the state of Florida will receive a check for $1.00 in lieu of an actual ticket912. Fourth prizes shall not utilize any portion of the winning pool for the drawing. 927A free FANTASY 5 quick pick ticket shall be for the next FANTASY 5 drawing after the ticket is validated.

    947(f) Except for the top prize, which will pay the exact amount, cash prizes will be rounded down to the nearest fifty 969cents ($.50); provided, however, that the third prize shall not be less than $3.50. All rounding differences in the second and third prizes will be used to fund future prizes in Lottery games or for special Lottery prize promotions. 1008If the funds available for the payment of third prizes are insufficient to pay the minimum amount, the percentage described in 1029paragraph 1030(3)(a) above will be adjusted 1035or funds available from any other funding source approved by the Legislature will be used 1050to cover the prize liability.

    1055(4) Determination of Prize Winners.

    1060In order for a ticket to be a winning ticket, numbers appearing in a single horizontal row on the ticket (A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I or J) must match the official winning FANTASY 5 numbers in any order for the draw date for which the ticket was purchased. The prizes are set forth as follows:

    1119(a) Top Prize: Five (5) of five (5) official winning numbers.

    1130(b) Second Prize: Four (4) of five (5) official winning numbers.

    1141(c) Third Prize: Three (3) of five (5) official winning numbers.

    1152(d) Fourth Prize: Two (2) of five (5) official winning numbers.

    1163(5) FANTASY 5 Odds of Winning.

    1169The odds of winning the prizes described above are as follows:

    1180(a) Top Prize – 1:376,992

    1186(b) Second Prize – 1:2,432.21

    1192(c) Third Prize – 1:81.07

    1197(d) Fourth Prize – 1:8.39

    1202(e) The overall odds of winning a prize in a FANTASY 5 drawing are 1:12177.58.

    1218(6) FANTASY 5 Rules and Prohibitions.

    1224(a) By purchasing a FANTASY 5 ticket, a player agrees to comply with and abide by all rules and regulations of the 1246Florida 1247Lottery.

    1248(b) FANTASY 5 prize payments shall be made in accordance with rules of the 1262Florida 1263Lottery governing payment of prizes. A copy of the current rule can be obtained from the 1279Florida 1280Lottery, Office of the General Counsel, 1286250 Marriott Drive, 1289Tallahassee, 1290Florida 129132399-40111292.

    1293(1294c1295) Subject to a retailer’s hours of operation and online system availability, FANTASY 5 lottery tickets are available for purchase daily between the hours of 6:00 a.m. and midnight, Eastern Time (ET).

    1327(1328d1329) The scheduled time for the daily FANTASY 5 drawing is approximately 11:15 p.m., ET. Ticket sales for a specific FANTASY 5 drawing will close 1354at approximately 10:40 p.m., ET1359. Any ticket sold after the close of game will be printed with the next FANTASY 5 draw date.

    1378(1379e1380) Retailer cancellations of FANTASY 5 tickets can only be performed by the retailer who sold the ticket, using the selling terminal’s optical mark reader, and within two (2) hours after printing, except that no FANTASY 5 ticket can be canceled after game close for the related drawing and no fourth prize (free FANTASY 5 quick pick ticket) can be canceled at any time. 1444FANTASY 14455 tickets with EZmatch cannot be canceled1452. 1453The two (2)-hour ticket cancellation period may be reduced due to the selling retailer’s hours of business operation, the hours of online system availability, or the time of the related FANTASY 5 close of game.

    1488(1489f1490) It is the responsibility of the player to determine the accuracy of selected panels of numbers and draw date(s) on a ticket. In the event that a ticket given to the player by the retailer contains selections that are not consistent with the player15351536s selections, it shall be the responsibility of the player to immediately advise the retailer of that fact. In such event and upon request of the player within the time period specified herein, the retailer shall make a good faith effort to cancel the ticket. A retailer is not required to cancel a ticket produced upon request of the player by the quick pick method of number selection.

    1604(7) How to Play EZmatch16091610.

    1611(a) EZmatch is an instant-win feature associated with F1620ANTASY 16215 that costs $1.00 per play in addition to the cost of the F1635ANTASY 16365 ticket. A player selecting EZmatch will receive five (5) EZmatch numbers printed below the 1651FANTASY 16525 numbers on the ticket. If any of the EZmatch numbers matches any of the F1668ANTASY 16695 numbers, the player shall instantly win the corresponding 1678amount shown.

    1680(b) Players may play EZmatch by marking the applicable EZmatch box on the F1694ANTASY 16955 playslip or by telling the retailer. Marking the EZmatch box within a panel will add EZmatch to only the panel marked. Marking the “EZmatch on all panels played” box will (1) add EZmatch to every panel containing 1733FANTASY 17345 number selections, 1737(2) O1739verride the EZmatch box within any panel, and (3) when the “Quick Picks” box is also marked, result in each quick pick ticket having the EZmatch feature.

    1766(c) Each panel played with EZmatch will be 1774printed on a separate ticket.

    1779(d) The base prize structure and estimated odds of winning EZmatch are as follows:


            1794Winners in 420,000

                    1798(Per Pool)

                        1800Estimated Odds




























    1836The EZmatch prize structure will be replenished automatically when the top tier prizes are exhausted. The prize structure and odds of winning are subject to change. The current prize structure and odds are available at 1871www.flalottery.com, 1872Lottery district offices and retailer locations.

    1878(e) EZmatch prizes can be claimed up to 180 days from the first draw date on the 1895FANTASY 18965 ticket.

    1898Rulemaking Authority 190024.105(2), 190124.105(9)(a), 1902(b), (c), (d), (e), (f), (h), 190824.109(1), 190924.115(1) FS. 1911Law Implemented 191324.105(2), 191424.105(9)(a), 1915(b), (c), (d), (e), (f), (h), 192124.115(1), 192224.124(1) FS. 1924History–New 9-9-13, Replaces 53ER12-40, 1928Replaced by 53ER14-20.