53ER13-77. Replacement of Obsolete Emergency Rule (Replaced by 53ER14-11)  

Effective on Tuesday, November 26, 2013
  • 1The following Department of the Lottery emergency rule 9relating to the 12Florida Lottery’s Performance Management 16Program 17(“Program”) 18is being replaced because the 23permanent rules for the Program have been adopted and the emergency rule is no longer necessary. 39This 40rule shall 42replace 53ER4413-65, 45F46.A.C.

    47Rulemaking 48Authority 24.1050951(521) 53FS. Law Implemented 24.1057958(591), 60120.74(1)(c) 61FS. History–New 6311-26-13, 64Replace65s 6653ER671683-6965, 70F.A.C.