53ER15-17. Cruise for Cash Collect & Win Promotion Correction  

Effective on Friday, March 6, 2015
  • 1(1) 2On March 45, 52015, t7he 8Florida Lottery discovered an 12error in subsection (11) of Emergency Rule 53ER15-8, 20F.A.C21., 22Cruise for Cash Collect & Win Promotion 29regarding the 31number of tablet options 35to be 37provided to 39a 40second prize winner43. 44T45he third sentence of subsection (11) in 52Emergency Rule 5453ER15-8, 55F.A.C., 56is corrected to 59read, 60“The 61winner will have the choice of one of three tablets valued up 73to $599.75

    76(77278) 79Except as provided in subsection 84(1) 85above, all other provisio89ns 90of 91Emergency Rule 9353ER941955-8, 96F.A.C., 97shall remain in effect.

    101Rulemaking Authority 10324.105(9), 10424.109(1) 105FS. Law Implemented 10824.109(1), 109120.74(1) FS. 111History–New 3-6-15.