53ER15-50. Extension of First Entry Period and Rescheduling of Beginning Date of Second Entry Period - Guy Harvey® Heroes Adventure Second Chance Promotion  

Effective on Wednesday, August 26, 2015
  • 1(1) Th3e end date of the 8first entry period in the Guy Harvey15® 16Heroes Adventure 18Second Chance Promoti21on, described in 24R25ule 2653ER1275-44, 28F.A.C., 29is extended 31from 32August 25, 34201355, 36to 37August 26, 3920140541. 42During the extension period, players 47can 48enter their 50non-winning 51GUY HARVEY53© 54HEROES 55Florida Lottery Scratch-Off tickets on the Florida Lottery 63website 64through 6511:59:59 66p.m. 67(68ET69) 70on August 26, 7320174575.

    76(2) 77The 78first 79drawing set forth in 83R84ule 8553ER1865-8744, 88F.A.C., 89will 90take place 92as scheduled 94on 95August 27, 972015, 98and will include 101entries 102received during 104the period of Aug108ust 11, 2015, 111through 11211:59:59 p.m. 114(115ET116) 117on 118August 26, 1202015.

    121(3) 122As a result of the first entry period extension, the beginning date of the s137econd entry period 140is 141rescheduled to 143August 27, 1452015, rather than August 26, 2015.

    151(1524153) 154Except as provided in subsections (1), 160(2) 161and (3) 163above, all other provisio167ns set forth in 171R172ule 53ER11745-44, 175F.A.C. 176shall remain in effect.

    180Rulemaking Authority 18224.105(9), 18324.109(1) FS. 185Law Implemented 18724.105(9), 18824.115(1) FS190. 191History192193New 8-26195-19615.