53ER16-21. WHEEL OF FORTUNE® BIG MONEY Second Chance Promotion  

Effective on Friday, April 1, 2016
  • 1(1) 2Second Chance Promotion. 5Beginning 6April 5, 2016, 9and continuing through 12June 28, 2016, the Florida Lottery 18will conduct the 21WHEEL 22OF 23FORTUNE24® 25BIG MONEY 27Second Chance Promotion 30(“Promotion”) 31in which players can enter their non-winning 38WHEEL 39OF 40FORTUNE  41Florida Lottery Scratch-Off 44lottery 45tickets 46(Game 5010) 48on the Florida Lottery website for a chance to win one of 60twelve 61Grand 62P63rize 64VIP 65T66rip 67P68ackages 69to 70Los Angeles, 72California, and a chance 76to be selected as a contestant 82in a 84lottery players-only, non-broadcast 87WHEEL 88OF 89FORTUNE 90game show 92and, 93if selected, 95play to 97win up to $1,000,000. 103Winning 104WHEEL 105OF 106FORTUNE 107tickets cannot be used for entry in the 115P116romotion.

    117(2) 118How to Enter121.

    122(a) 123To enter a non-winning 127WHEEL 128OF 129FORTUNE 130Scratch-Off ticket in133to 134one of the 137four second chance drawings 141further described in subsection (1463147) 148below, 149players must enter on the Florida Lottery’s website at flalottery.com. On the home page of the 165Florida 166Lottery’s website, players can click on the 173WHEEL 174OF 175FORTUNE 176banner 177and follow the directions. Players will be prompted to log in or register. The 24-digit ticket serial number (4-digit game number and 20-digit ticket number) is located at the bottom on the front of a 212WHEEL 213OF 214FORTUNE 215Scratch-Off ticket under the latex covering. Players are to 224s225cratch off the latex covering to reveal the number and enter the 237entire 23822394240-digit ticket number in the designated ti247cket entry area on the website.

    253(254b255) 256Players may enter as many times as they wish during the contest period; however, each valid ticket number may only be used one time, for one opportunity to 284earn 285one entry 287in288to one second chance drawing 293and a chance to win bonus entries as further described in paragraph (2)(c) below. 307Tickets should not be mailed to the Lottery unless players are contacted by the Florida Lottery and requested to do so. Non-winning tickets received in the mail by the Florida Lottery will not be entered in the drawing and will not be returned. The odds of winning 354depend on 356the number of entries 360entered361. 362All entries are subject to validation by the Florida Lottery and may be disqualified if eligibility requirements are not met.

    382(c) 383“Buy a Vowel” Option. 387At the time of entering a non-winning WHEEL OF FORTUNE 397ticket, players will be provided an option to play the “Buy a Vowel” play-for-fun 411interactive game (“Buy a Vowel Game”) on the website for a chance to win bonus entries. For each non-winning ticket entered, the player will receive one vowel to be used towards completion of a WHEEL 446OF 447FORTUNE puzzle board. If the vowel can be used on the puzzle board, it will automatically populate the puzzle board; otherwise, the vowel will be banked for future use. Banked vowels will carry over from one Buy a Vowel Game to the next and from one non-winning ticket entry to the next.  499Once 500a puzzle board is completed, players can spin a bonus wheel to receive from 2 to 50 bonus entries 519which will automatically be entered into the next 527available 528second chance drawing. If players choose not to play the Buy a Vowel game or if they experience technical problems while playing the game, any bonus entries the players may have won in the course of playing the Buy a Vowel Game will be credited to their entry account.

    577(5783579) 580Drawings 581and Prizes. 583A total of four 587second chance 589drawings will be 592held and winners will be randomly selected from entries submitted before midnight 604(605ET606) 607on the last day of the entry period for each drawing. The entry periods and drawing dates are set forth in the table below.


    632Drawing Date

    634Entry Period


    637April 28, 2016

    640April 5, 2016- April 26, 2016


    647May 19, 2016

    650April 27, 2016- May 17, 2016


    657June 9, 2016

    660May 18, 2016- June 7, 2016


    667June 30, 2016

    670June 8, 2016- June 28, 2016

    676The following table sets forth the prizes available in 685each 686second chance drawing:

    689Prizes per Drawing

    692Prize Level


    695Number of 697Winners per Drawing

    700Grand Prize

    702Grand Prize 704VIP 705Trip Package


    708A total of 12 prizes will be available in the Promotion.

    719In each of the four 724drawings, 725a total of ten valid 730entries will be drawn by the Florida Lottery using a certified random number generation process. The first three valid 749entries drawn will each win a 755G756rand 757P758rize 759VIP 760T761rip 762P763ackage. The fourth through the tenth valid entries drawn will be used in the order in which they were drawn to select an alternate grand prize winner in the event a grand prize cannot be awarded.

    799(8004801) 802Notification.

    803(a) The names of the 808grand 809prize 810winners in each second chance drawing will be posted on fl821alottery.com after the drawing.

    825(b) 826The F828lo829r830ida Lottery will attempt to notify each 837grand prize 839winner by telep842ho843n844e or email using the contact information provided in th854e 855winner’s registration data 858no later than twenty-four hours after the winners are posted on the Florida Lottery’s website. The Florida Lottery deems the winner’s registration data as the winner’s official contact information, including the physical mailing address, and will not attempt to further locate a winner if attempts to reach the winner using the winner’s registration data are unsuccessful. 914If the Florida Lottery is unable to have personal contact with 925the 926grand prize winner within two weeks of the date of the drawing, the winner will forfeit his or her right to claim the prize and the Florida Lottery will award the prize to the first alternate winner in accordance with subsection (9683969) above.  971If the Florida Lottery is unable to have personal contact with the first 984alternate winner within two weeks of the date of notification, the alternate winner will forfeit his or her right to claim the prize and the Florida Lottery will award the prize to a second alternate winner1020.  1021This process will continue until an alternate is contacted and the 1032prize is claimed in accordance 1037with sub1039section 1040(104151042) 1043below, or the Florida Lottery has exhausted the list of available alternates1055. 1056If the Lottery is unable to contact an 1064alternat1065e, 1066the 1067g1068rand 1069p1070rize will not be awarded.

    1075(107651077) 1078How to Claim a Prize. 1083To claim 1085a grand 1087prize in 1089the Promotion, 1091the grand prize 1094winner 1095must submit to the Florida Lottery the original valid non-winning 1105WHEEL 1106OF 1107FORTUNE 1108ticket 1109bearing the entry number selected in the drawing. Without such ticket, the player will forfeit his or her right to claim a prize. 1132The grand prize winner 1136must submit the valid entry ticket along with a 1145completed Winner Claim Form DOL-1150173-2, revised 115209/13 1153o1154r 1155DOL-1156173-2S, revised 115809/13 (Spanish version of the Winner Claim Form) 1166and 1167a copy of acceptable identification as set forth in the rule of the Florida Lottery governing payment of prizes. A copy of the current prize payment rule can be obtained from the Florida Lottery, Office of the General Counsel, 250 Marriott Drive, Tallahassee, Florida 32399-4011. 1212The grand 1214prize winner 1216must also submit 1219a completed 1221Release and Authorization form 1225DOL-474, effective 8/13, 1228or Spanish Release and Authorization form DOL-474S, effective 8/13. 1237Forms DOL-173-2, DOL-173-2S, DOL-474, and DOL-474S are hereby incorporated by reference and can be obtained 1252from any Lottery office, or by writing to: Florida Lottery, Customer Service Division, 250 Marriott Drive, Tallahassee, Florida 32399-4016.  1271Forms DOL-173-2 and DOL-173-2S can also be obtained 1279from the Lottery’s website, flalottery.com. 1284The required claim documentation must be received by the Florida Lottery no later than two weeks after the winner is notified by the Florida Lottery that he or she is a winner. If the Florida Lottery has not received the required documentation from 1327the 1328grand prize winner by the fourteenth day after notification, 1337the winner will forfeit his or her right to claim the prize, and the Florida Lottery will award the prize to an alternate winner in accordance with 1364subsection (136631367) and paragraph (137141372)(b), 1373above.

    1374(137561376) 1377Award of 1379Grand 1380Prizes1381.

    1382(1383a) 1384Upon the Florida Lottery’s receipt of a 1391grand prize 1393winner’s required documentation, 1396the Florida Lottery will award a prize of a 1405G1406rand 1407P1408rize 1409VIP 1410T1411rip 1412P1413ackage 1414(“Trip Package’14161417)1418. 1419The Trip Package includes:

    14231. 1424Two round trip coach class tickets to Los Angeles, California, from any commercial service airport in the 1441United States;

    14432. 1444Four 1445nights’ hotel 1447accommodations 1448for two persons in the Hyatt Century City or an equivalent hotel 1460in Los Angeles, 1463California;

    14643. 1465Ground transportation to and from the Los Angeles airport, 1474hotel 1475and 1476t1477he lottery players-1480only non-broadcast WHEEL OF FORTUNE 1485G1486ame 1487S1488how;

    14894. 1490Bus tour of Hollywood for two 1496persons;

    14975. 1498Tour of Sony Studios for two 1504persons;

    15056. 1506The chance to be selected as a 1513contestant 1514in a 1516lottery players-only 1518n1519on-broadcast 1520WHEEL OF FORTUNE 1523G1524ame 1525S1526how;

    15277. 1528$1,000 in cash; 1532and,

    15338. Payment of federal income tax withholding 1540($2,133.33 for a U.S. citizen) 1546on the total 1549retail 1550value of the 1553Trip Package 1555elements described in subparagraphs 1. through 7., above 1563($6,400).

    1565The Florida Lottery will mail the grand prize winner a check for the cash portion of the prize and 1584a certificate describing the prize along with the necessary i1594nformation to make 1597travel arrangements 1599and 1600fulfill the trip. 1603The 1604total 1605value of a grand prize is $16128,533.331614.

    1615(1616b1617) 1618The 1619Trip 1620P1621ackage do1623es 1624not include mileage, insurance, gratuities, meals, parking fees, departure fees, excess baggage fees, alcoholic beverages, 1639and 1640any items not expressly specified as being part of the Trip 1651P1652ackage, including personal expenses such as 1658room service, 1660telephone calls, valet service, laundry and the like, as well as revision or cancellation fees which may be charged by the hotel, 1682airlines 1683or other suppliers.

    1686(1687c1688) 1689If approved by 1692the fulfillment company, 1695IGT Global Solutions Corporation (“IGT”), 1700and the Florida Lottery, a 1705grand prize winner may 1709appoint a proxy to 1713take the trip and participate in the 1720n1721on-broadcast 1722WHEEL OF FORTUNE 1725G1726ame 1727S1728how 1729on th1731e grand prize winner’s behalf. 1736A Proxy 1738Appointment 1739and Acknowledgement form DOL-4917431, 1744Effective 174531746/117476, 1748should be completed by the appropriate parties prior to travel arrangements being made. Form DOL-4917631 1764is hereby 1766incorporated by reference and can be obtained 1773from any Lottery office, or by writing to: Florida Lottery, Customer Service Division, 250 Marriott Drive, 1789Tallahassee, Florida 179132399-40161792. 1793If a proxy is appointed, 1798t1799he grand prize winner will receive the 1806cash portion of the Trip Package and all prizes won by the proxy in 1820the 1821n1822on-broadcast 1823WHEEL OF FORTUNE 1826Game Show 1828and shall be taxable on any prizes won by the proxy. 1839If 1840the Lottery and IGT agree to appoint1847ment 1848of a proxy by 1852a grand prize winner after 1857travel 1858arrangements 1859have been made, the grand prize winner shall 1867immediately 1868complete a Proxy Appointment and Acknowledgement form and 1876be responsible for paying all additional charges imposed.

    1884(1885d1886) 1887Unless otherwise specified by the 1892Florida 1893Lottery, if a grand prize winner 1899or proxy or their guest 1904fails to arrive for the scheduled flight or fails to check into the hotel, the grand prize winner 1922or proxy or guest 1926shall forfeit the flight and/or hotel portion of the Trip 1936Package 1937and 1938shall be responsible for making 1943any 1944alternative 1945arrangements.

    1946(1947e1948) In the event that a 1954g1955rand 1956p1957rize winner is unable to attend the trip due to unforeseen circumstances, and there is insufficient time to 1975appoint a proxy 1978to take the trip in his or her stead as described in 1990paragraph 1991(199261993)1994(1995c1996) above, the balance of the 2002Trip Package 2004shall be forfeited; however, 2008an 2009IGT 2010representative shall fill in as a proxy to 2018participate in the 2021n2022on-broadcast 2023WHEEL OF FORTUNE 2026Game Show 2028for the 2030g2031rand 2032p2033rize winner. 2035The 2036g2037rand 2038p2039rize winner shall receive and be taxable on any prizes won by the proxy.

    2053(205472055) 2056Lottery Players-Only 2058Non-broadcast 2059WHEEL OF FORTUNE 2062Game 2063Show 2064(or “Game Show”)2067.

    2068The Trip Package 2071includes a 2073chance for the grand prize winner to be selected as a contestant in a 2087lottery players-only 2089non-broadcast version of the 2093WHEEL OF FORTUNE 2096Game 2097S2098how (“Game Show Contestant”) 2102at Sony Pictures Studio2106s 2107to be attended by 2111the 2112g2113rand 2114p2115rize winner 2117and 2118his or her 2121guest. 2122The Game Show is anticipated to take place in January 21322017.

    2133(a) 2134During the 2136Game 2137S2138how, each 2140selected 2141Game Show Contestant shall play 2146the 2147WHEEL OF FORTUNE 2150game 2151and 2152have the chance 2155to win up 2158to $1,000,000.00 2162in prizes. Grand 2165p2166rize 2167w2168inners not selected as Game Show Contestants 2175will 2176be randomly assigned to teams 2181which may include winners from other state lotteries 2189(“Game Show Team”) with each Game Show Contestant named as the team captain.  Each Game Show Team 2206will 2207win the equivalent cash prize as th2214eir team captain. Team prizes will 2220be split evenly among the Game Show Team members. 2229Only cash p2232rizes 2233will be 2235awarded on the 2238Game 2239S2240how2241.

    2242(b) 2243Each 2244g2245rand 2246p2247rize 2248w2249inner, regardless of whether or not they are selected as a Game Show Contestant, 2263will 2264spin the 2266WHEEL OF FORTUNE 2269wheel 2270(the “Wheel Spin”) 2273one time t2276o win a cash prize ranging from $300 2284up to $2,5002288.

    2289(2290c2291) 2292If a 2294g2295rand 2296p2297rize 2298w2299inner 2300or proxy 2302is unable to attend 2306or fails to arrive at the studio for his or her scheduled participation in 2320the 2321Game 2322Show, 2323the Grand Prize winner forfeits the righ2330t to personally participate in the 2336Game Show 2338and 2339an IGT 2341representative shall fill in as a proxy for the 2350g2351rand 2352p2353rize 2354w2355inner 2356in 2357the 2358Game 2359Show. Any cash prize(s) won by any such proxy shall be awarded to the 2373grand prize 2375winner on whose behalf the proxy was appointed2383. The grand prize winner shall be taxable on any prizes won by the proxy.

    2398(2399d2400) 2401The 2402g2403rand 2404p2405rize winner 2407or the grand prize winner’s 2412proxy 2413must be 18 years of age or older to 2422participate in the Game Show2427.

    2428(242982430) 2431Taxes.

    2432(a) 2433The Florida Lottery will pay applicable Federal income tax withholding on the retail value of a 2449grand prize 2451($6,4002453). 2454The reportable taxable value of a grand prize includes the retail value of the prize and the value of the federal income tax withholding paid by the Lottery. The estimated reportable taxable value of a grand prize for a U.S. citizen is 2496$24978,533.33.

    2499(2500b2501) IGT shall be responsible for paying all cash prizes won by the participants in the 2517Game 2518Show and the Wheel Spin, 2523except as provided in 2527subsection (252992530) 2531below.  2532Otherwise, cash payments to winners will be made directly by IGT within 2544approximately 2545fifteen business days of the 2550Game 2551Show, less applicable federal income tax withholding. IGT shall remit taxes on behalf of the grand prize winner and issue the applicable tax forms to the grand 2578prize 2579winner along with any other applicable documentation.

    2586(2587c2588) Except as specifically mentioned herein, payment of all federal, state and/or local taxes or other fees on the prizes won in conjunction with a winner’s participation in the 2617WHEEL OF FORTUNE2620® 2621Big Money Second Chance Promotion 2626will be the responsibility of the winner.

    2633(263492635) 2636State Owed Debt2639. 2640Each 2641grand prize winner 2644will be analyzed twice for 2649s2650tate 2651o2652wed 2653d2654ebt. The first analysis will occur at the time the Trip Package is claimed. 2668If 2669the winner of the Trip Package is identified as owing an outstanding debt to a state agency or child support collected through a court, the debt will be collected in accordance with Section 270224.115, 2703F2704.2705S. If the debt is an amount of less than the cash portion of the 2720Trip 2721Package prize ($1,000), 2725the non-cash portion of the Trip Package and the cash portion of the Trip Package less the amount owed shall be awarded. If the winner is identified as owing such a debt in an amount greater than the cash portion of the Trip Package, the winner’s entire cash portion of the Trip Package will be applied toward the outstanding debt as provided in Section 278924.115, 2790F2791.2792S2793., 2794and the winner will receive the remaining non-cash portion of the 2805Trip 2806Package. The second analysis will occur after the Game Show has concluded and the grand prize winner’s 2823Game Show 2825winnings have been determined. If the winner 2832is identified as owing an outstanding debt to a state agency or child support collected through a court, the debt will be collected in accordance with Section 285924.115, 2860F2861.2862S2863., 2864and the remaining winnings, if any, will be paid to the winner by the Florida Lottery.

    2880(1288102882) 2883Other Restrictions and Provisions2887.

    2888(a) The grand prize winner, grand prize winner’s proxy or guest must have a valid credit card or shall be required to post cash deposits for incidentals in order to check into the hotel, unless other arrangements are made directly with the hotel. At least one member of the party must be at least eighteen years old in order to check into the hotel.

    2952(b) 2953The minimum age requirement for any audience member at 2962the Game Show 2965is eight years.

    2968(c) The grand prize winner is solely responsible for the actions of the guest who accompanies the prizewinner to the 2988Game Show2990. If a grand prize winner’s guest is a minor, the grand prize winner must either be the parent or legal guardian of such guest, or must present a notarized, written consent from the minor’s parent or legal guardian for the minor guest to accompany the grand prize winner on the trip.

    3042(3043d3044) 3045All prizes are subject to the provisions of Chapter 24, F3056.3057S3058., 3059and rules promulgated thereunder.

    3063(3064e3065) Players must be at least 18 years of age. Persons prohibited by Section 307924.116, 3080F3081.3082S3083., 3084from purchasing a Florida Lottery ticket are not eligible to play.

    3095(3096f3097) The right to claim a prize cannot be assigned to another person or entit3112y.

    3113(3114g3115) By entering the 3119WHEEL OF FORTUNE3122® 3123BIG MONEY 3125Second Chance Promotion, 3128a player gives his or her permission for the Florida Lottery to provide the player’s address and telephone number to 3148IGT 3149for prize fulfillment purposes.

    3153(3154h3155) 3156A player entering the 3160WHEEL OF FORTUNE3163® 3164BIG MONEY 3166Second Chance 3168Promotion is deemed to have granted permission for the Florida Lottery to photograph and/or videotape and record the prizewinner with or without prior notification and to use the name, photograph, videotape, and/or recording of the prizewinner for advertising or publicity purposes without additional compensation.

    3212(3213i3214) 3215WHEEL OF FORTUNE3218® 3219BIG 3220MONEY 3221s3222econd 3223c3224hance 3225d3226rawings 3227shall be public, held in Tallahassee, Florida, and witnessed by an accountant employed by an independent certified public accounting firm. The results of each drawing will be available after the drawing on the Florida Lottery’s website at flalottery.com.

    3265Rulemaking Authority 326724.105(9), 326824.1093269(13270) FS. 3272Law Implemented 327424.105(9), 327524.115(1) FS. 3277History–New 32784-13279-163280.