53ER18-56. Fast Play™ Retailer Double Sales Commission Promotion  

Effective on Thursday, September 27, 2018
  • 1(1) 2Beginning 3October 1, 52018, 6t7he Florida Lottery will 11conduct the 13Fast Play15 16Retailer Double 18Sales 19Commission 20Promotion 21(“Promotion”)22. The Promotion will continue through 28October 31, 2018, or 32end 33on 34the date 36on 37which 38the 39funding 40allocated to 42the Promotion 44has been utilized; 47whichever date occurs first 51(“52Promotion 53Period”). 54Retailers will be notified of the official end date of the 65Promotion 66by retailer terminal messaging.

    70(2) 71During the 73Promotion 74Period, the Florida Lottery will pay Florida Lottery retailers 83an additional five percent bonus sales commission 90in addition to the standard five percent sales commission 99for a total ten percent sales commission (“Double Sales Commission”) 109on the 111purchase price 113of each 115HOT DICE, IN BETWEEN and BREAK THE BANK Fast Play125 126lottery ticket sold.

    129(1303131) 132The s134tandard s136ales 137commission 138will be reflected on the retailer’s weekly Settlement Report147.

    148(4) 149The b151onus sales commission 154will be reflected on the retailer’s weekly Settlement Report 163as an 165adjustment 166credit 167at the conclusion of the 172Promotion173.

    174(5175) Retailers whose Florida Lottery contracts are terminated or inac185tivated prior to payment of the 191bonus 192sales 193commissions shall be paid the commissions earned provided said termination or inactivation was not due to noncompliance with 211c212hapter 21324, Florida Statutes, 216c217hapter 53, F220.221A222.223C224., 225or terms of the retailer contract.

    231(2326233) 234Bonus 235sales commissions will be considered compensation to 242a 243retailer 244and will be reported to the 250Internal Revenue Service 253by the Florida Lottery257. The Florida Lottery reserves the right to apply a 267bonus 268sales 269commission earned against a retailer’s outstanding debt to the 278Florida Lottery, 280and to award the remaining balance of the bonus sales commissions, if any293.

    294Rulemaking 295Authority 29624.105(9)(i), 29724.109(1) FS. 299Law Implemented 30124.105(9)302(303i), 30424.112(1) FS. 306History307308New 3099-27-18.