53ER18-57. Fast Play™ Replay Second Chance Promotion  

Effective on Thursday, September 27, 2018
  • 1(1) 2Beginning 3October 1, 52018, 6and continuing 8through 9November 14, 11201128, 13(“Promotion Period”) 15the 16Florida Lottery will conduct the 21Fast Play23 24Replay Second Chance Promotion 28(“Promotion”)29. 30P31layers 32who purchase 34a 35HOT DICE, IN BETWEEN or BREAK THE BANK 43Fast Play 45lottery 46ticket 47can scan 49the barcode on 52their ticket54s 55using 56the Florida Lottery Collect ‘61N 62Win 63a64pp on 66a 67s68martphone or 70tablet or 72can 73manually 74enter the 76ticket number 78through 79the Florida Lottery’s website 83to 84collect 85symbols 86and earn entries into a drawing 92for a chance to win 97a 98cash prize100. 101Both w103inning and non-106winning 107HOT DICE, IN BETWEEN and BREAK THE BANK Fast Play 117lottery 118tickets 119may 120be used to enter the 125Promotion. 126Only 127HOT DICE, IN BETWEEN and BREAK THE BANK Fast Play lottery tickets 139purchased during the 142Pr143omotion 144P145eriod 146may 147be used to enter the 152Promotion153.

    154(2155) 156How to 158Participate159.

    160(a) 161Florida Lottery 163Collect 164165N Win 167App Download and Registration171. 172A 173p174layer 175may 176participate in 178the 179Promotion 180by 181down182loa183ding 184the 185free 186Florida Lottery 188Collect 189190N 191Win 192app 193at the 195App 196Store or at Google Play201®202. 203After the app is downloaded 208and opened, 210the 211212Welcome213 214p215age 216will 217be displayed219. Click on 222the 223navigation bar 225found in the top left corner, select the “Login” button 235and 236click on “S239ign in with email,243” “Sign in with 247Facebook,248 249or 250“Sign in with 253Twitter254 255to log in258. 259After 260l261ogging 262in, a “Register” page will be displayed. 269Players must register 272their contact information 275one time upon first usage 280to activate their account284. 285A player will be sent an email directing the player to confirm his or her registration. The player should check the junk mail or spam folder if he or she does not promptly receive an email confirmation. 322Thereafter, 323the player may 326directly 327log328in 329by 330selecting 331his or her 334preferred 335“Sign in” method.

    338(339b340) Web Browser. 343A 344player 345may 346participate in the 349Promotion 350via 351web browser 353by 354visit355ing 356the 357Florida 358Lottery’s homepage, 360flalottery.com, 361click362ing 363on the 365Fast Play367 368Replay Second Chance 371Promotion 372banner 373and 374follow375ing 376the directions, 378or by going directly to flalottery.com/384fastplay385replay 386and clicking on the 390Login 391link at the top right corner of the page 400to reach the 403Login page 405to login407/register 408as described 410in paragraph (2)(a), 413above.

    414(415c416) 417Regardless of whether a player chooses to participate in the Promotion by 429using the Florida Lottery Collect ‘N Win 436a437pp or 439web browser, 441the 442following provisions shall apply446:

    4471. 448T449he 450player 451may 452use 453the same 455account login information 458to 459enter tickets;

    4612. 462T463he 464player 465will only be required to register one time; 473and

    4743. 475T476he 477player’s 478entry history 480will be cumulative 483among 484the entry platforms487.

    488(3) 489How to 491Earn Entries493.

    494To collect 496play 497symbols 498and 499earn entries in502to 503a drawing, 505a player 507may 508scan 509the barcode 511o512n the 514bottom of a 517HOT DICE, IN BETWEEN or BREAK THE BANK lottery 526ticket 527u528sing 529a 530camera on 532a 533smartphone or tablet, 536or 537a player 539may 540manually 541enter the 19-digit 544ticket 545number 546(547located 548near the bottom of the ticket554) 555on the entry page 559at 560flalottery.com561/562fastplay563replay564. 565Four 566game 567cards will appear on the screen573. 574Each 575game 576card contains 578four 579spots 580to collect 582four 583symbols. 584A 585HOT DICE, 587IN BETWEEN 589or 590BREAK THE BANK 593ticket 594number 595entered will randomly 598generat599e a quantity (2, 4, 6, 8, or 10) of the 610f611our 612play 613symbols 614and place 616them 617in 618an 619available 620game 621card. 622Once a 624symbol has been collected 628on all 630four 631play cards, the symbol will be eliminated from the random selection process. 643When 644a single 646game 647card is filled up 651with all 653f654our 655different symbols, 657an entry 659is 660generated 661into the next available drawing 666and 667the 668game 669card 670is 671reset to capture more symbols 676towards 677the next entry. 680Partially completed cards 683will 684carry over to the next entry period. 691A player 693may 694earn 695multiple entries 697during the 699promotion 700period; 701however, 702a player may only manually enter or scan 710up to 712two hundred 714tickets per day717. 718Each ticket number can only be 724scanned or 726entered one time. 729Entries 730that include 732training 733tickets 734that were produced by a retailer terminal while in training mode or tickets 747with 748invalid 749ticket 750numbers will be 753disqualif754ied 755from the 757applicable 758drawing 759or drawings761. 762The 763odds of winning 766depend on 768the number of 771entries in 773each drawing775. All entries are subject to validation by the Florida Lottery and may 788be 789disqualified if eligibility requirements are not met796. 797HOT DICE, IN BETWEEN 801and 802BREAK THE BANK lottery 806tickets 807should not be mailed to the Lottery 814for entry into a Promotion drawing820. 821HOT DICE, IN BETWEEN 825and 826BREAK THE BANK lottery 830tickets 831received in the mail by the Flo838rida Lottery will not be entered into 845a drawing 847and will not be returned.

    852(4) 853Bonus Game855/856Coupons.

    857During the Promotion Period, coupons will be generated for every “nth” ticket scanned or entered statewide up to a maximum of 878100 879coupons 880per day882. 883The description and number of each type of coupon generated per day is 896as follows:

    898(a) $25 Cash Prize (up to 10 905per day907);

    908(b) Buy a $1 Fast Play (HOT DICE) ticket; get a free FANTASY 5922® 923Quick Pick ticket (up to 30 929per day931);

    932(c) Buy a $2 Fast Play (IN BETWEEN) ticket; get a free FANTASY 5946® 947Quick Pick ticket (up to 30 953per day);

    955(d) Buy a $5 Fast Play (BREAK THE BANK) 964ticket; get a free FLORIDA LOTTO970® 971Quick Pick ticket (up to 30 977per day979).

    980When an nth ticket is generated, it will activate a 990Spin & Win 993bonus game in which the player can 1000either 1001choose to play 1004the bonus game 1007by clicking on the “1012P1013lay” button or choose 1017not to play 1020the bonus game by clicking on the “OK” button1029. 1030Regardless of 1032whether 1033the player plays the bonus game, 1039a 1040coupon will be added to the 1046“My Coupons” section of the 1051“Coupons” page o1054f 1055the 1056player’s account1058. 1059To redeem 1061a coupon, 1063the player must print the coupon and present it to any Florida Lottery retailer or a Florida Lottery 1081District 1082Office1083. Coupons may not be redeemed by mail. 1091Coupons are valid for one use only and 1099must be redeemed by 110311:59:59 1104(1105ET1106) 1107on 1108January 31, 20191111. The odds of winning a coupon depend on the number of tickets entered per day.

    1127(112851129) 1130Drawing1131s 1132and 1133Number of 1135Prizes1136. 1137The Florida Lottery will conduct 1142a total of 1145three 1146drawings1147. 1148Prizew1149inners for each drawing will be randomly selected from entries submitted and received 1162before midnight 1164(1165ET1166) 1167on the last day of the entry period for 1176that 1177drawing1178. 1179Entries 1180will be 1182good for one drawing 1186only1187. 1188Prizew1189inners will be randomly selected 1194using a certified random number generation process1201. 1202Drawings shall be public, held in Tallahassee, Florida, and witnessed by an accountant employed by an independent certified public accounting firm. 1223The drawing dates 1226and entry periods 1229are 1230as follows1232:


    1234Drawing Date

    1236Entry Period


    1239October 19, 124120112428

    1243October 1, 12452018 12461247October 17, 12492018


    1251November 2, 12532018

    1254October 18, 12562018 1257 1258October 31, 12602018


    1262November 16, 126420112658

    1266November 1, 12682018 12691270November 14, 12722018

    1273(a) 1274In each of 1277the 1278draw1279ings, the Florida Lottery will draw a total of 1288sixty-six 1289entries. The 1291first valid entr1294y 1295drawn 1296will win 1298the top prize of $10,0001304. 1305T1306he 1307second through 1309forty-first 1310valid 1311entries drawn will 1314each 1315win 1316a second 1318prize 1319of 1320$5001321. 1322The 1323remaining 1324valid 1325entries drawn 1327will be 1329used as 1331alternates 1332in 1333the order in 1336which they were drawn 1340and 1341in the 1343order of need 1346to select a 1349prize1350winner 1351in the event a 1355prize cannot be awarded. 1359A total of 1362forty-one 1363prizes will be available in each drawing.

    1370(1371b1372) The following table 1376sets forth the 1379number 1380of prizes 1382and 1383the amount of the prizes 1388available in the Promotion1392:

    1393Prizes Per Drawing


    1396Total Prizes in the Promotion


    1402Prize Amount

    1404Number of Prizes per Drawing

    1409Top Prize




    1415Second Prize








    1423(142461425) 1426Prizew1427inner 1428Notification1429.

    1430(a) The prizewinners in each drawing will be posted on flalottery.com after the drawing.

    1444(b) 1445The 1446F1447lo1448r1449ida Lottery will attempt to notify each 1456prize1457winner by 1459telep1460ho1461n1462e or 1464email using the contact information provided in th1472e 1473prize1474winner’s registration data 1477no later than 1480one business day 1483(Monday – Friday1486) 1487after the 1489prize1490winners are 1492posted on the Florida Lottery’s website1498. 1499The Florida Lottery deems the 1504prize1505winner’s registration data as the 1510prize1511winner’s official contact information, includi1516ng the physical mailing address. The Florida Lottery 1524will not attempt to further locate a 1531prize1532winner if attempts to reach the 1538prize1539winner by telephone or email are unsuccessful. 1546If the Florida Lottery is unable to 1553have 1554contact 1555by telephone or email 1559with 1560a 1561prize1562winner within 1564two 1565week1566s 1567of the date 1570the 1571prize1572winners are posted on the website, 1578the 1579prize1580winner will forfeit his or her right to claim the prize and the Florida L1595ottery will award the prize to 1601an 1602alternate 1603prize1604winner 1605in accordance with paragraph (161051611)(a), 1612above1613. 1614If the Florida Lottery is unable to have contact 1623by email or telephone 1627with the 1629alternate 1630prize1631winner within 1633two 1634week1635s 1636of 1637the date of 1640notification, 1641the alternate 1643prize1644winner will forfeit his or her right to claim the prize and the Florida Lottery will award the prize to the 1665next 1666alternate 1667prize1668winner. 1669This process will continue until an alternate is contacted or the Florida Lottery has exhausted the list of alternates 1688due to unsuccessful notification attempts or due to failure by a winner or an alternate 1703prize1704winner to timely provide required claim documentation as s1713e1714t forth in subsection (171971720), 1721below. 1722If the Florida Lottery exhausts the list of alternate 1731prize1732winners, 1733the prize 1735will not be awarded.

    1739(174071741) 1742How to Claim a Prize1747.

    1748(a) Top Prize. 1751To claim 1753the 1754top 1755prize in 1757a 1758Fast Play1760 1761Replay Second Chance Promotion 1765d1766rawing, 1767the 1768prize1769winner 1770must submit 1772to 1773the Florida Lottery 1776a completed Winner 1779Claim Form DOL-173-2, 1782R1783evised 17849/13, 1785or 1786Spanish Winner Claim Form 1790DOL-173-2S, 1791R1792evised 17939/13, 1794and 1795a copy of acceptable identification 1800a1801s set forth in the rule of the 1809Florida Lottery governing payment of prizes. 1815A 1816copy of the current prize payment rule can be obtained from the Florida Lottery, Office of the General Counsel, 250 Marriott Drive, Tallahassee, Florida 32399-4011. 1841Forms DOL-173-2 1843and 1844DOL-173-2S 1845are hereby incorporated by reference 1850and 1851can be obtained 1854from any 1856Florida 1857Lottery office 1859or retailer, 1861from the 1863Florida 1864Lottery’s website, flalottery.com, 1867or by writing to: Florida Lottery, Customer Service, 250 Marriott Drive, Tallahassee, Florida 32399-4016.

    1881(b) Second Prize. To claim a second prize 1889in a 1891Fast Play1893 1894Replay Second Chance Promotion drawing, 1899a 1900prizewinner must submit to the Florida Lottery 1907a copy of acceptable identification 1912as set forth in the rule of the Florida Lottery governing payment of prizes1926.

    1927(c) For both top and second prizes, 1934t1935he 1936required 1937document1938ation 1939must be received b1943y 1944the Florida Lottery no later than 1950two weeks 1952after the 1954Florida Lottery has 1957first 1958made contact by telephone or email with the 1966prize1967winner. 1968If the Florida Lottery has not received the 1976required 1977document1978ation 1979from a prize1982winner 1983by the 1985fourteenth 1986day after notification, the 1990prize1991winner will forfeit his or her right to claim the prize 2002and 2003the 2004Florida Lottery will award the prize to 2011an 2012alternate 2013prize2014winner as described in 2018paragraph2019s 2020(202152022)2023(a) 2024and (6)(b), 2026above2027. 2028The same time2031frame 2032for a winner to return required documentation to the Florida Lottery shall apply to an alternate 2048prize2049winner. 2050A prizewinner 2052in this Promotion 2055is 2056not required to submit the 2061HOT DICE, IN BETWEEN or BREAK THE BANK lottery 2070ticket2071(2072s2073) 2074he or she 2077scanned or 2079manually entered 2081t2082o generate an entry 2086to 2087claim a prize2090.

    2091(209282093) 2094Award of Top Prizes2098. Upon 2100the Florida Lottery’s timely receipt of a top prize winner’s required documentation, the Lottery will award a prize of $10,000, less applicable federal income tax withholding.

    2127(212892129) 2130Award of Second Prizes2134. 2135Upon 2136the Florida Lottery’s timely receipt of a second prize winner’s required documentation, the Lottery will award a prize of $500.

    2156(2157102158) 2159Taxes2160. Except as specifically described herein, all federal, state and/or local taxes or other fees on the prizes won in the 2181Fast Play2183 2184Replay Second Chance Promotion 2188will be the responsibility of the prizewinner. 2195Thirty percent federal income tax withholding will be withheld from any prize won by a nonresident alien prizewinner in the Promotion, regardless of the amount of the prize. The reporting and subsequent payment of any additional federal, state and/or local taxes shall be the responsibility of the 2242nonresident alien prizewinner.

    2245(1224612247) 2248Other Restrictions and Provisions2252.

    2253(a) All prizes are subject to the provisions of 2262c2263hapter 24, Florida Statutes, and rules promulgated thereunder. Prizes shall be paid in accordance with the rule of the Florida Lottery governing payment of prizes. A copy of the current prize payment rule can be obtained from the Florida Lottery, Office of the General Counsel, 250 Marriott Drive, Tal2312lahassee, Florida 32399-4011.

    2315(b) Top prize 2318winners will b2321e analyzed for state-owed debt. 2326If a top prize 2330winner is identified as owing an outstanding debt to any state agency or owes child support collected through a court, the debt will be offset in accordance with section 235924.115(4), 2360Florida Statutes. If the debt is an amount less than the amount of the prize, the balance of the prize after deduction of the debt shall be awarded. If the debt is an amount greater than the amount of the prize, the entire prize amount will be applied to the outstanding debt.

    2412(c) Players must be at least 18 years of age. Persons prohibited by section 242624.116, 2427Florida Statutes, from purchasing a Florida Lottery ticket are not eligible to enter the 2441Fast Play2443 2444Replay Second Chance Promotion2448.

    2449(d) By entering the 2453Fast Play2455 2456Replay Second Chance Promotion, 2460a player gives his or her permission for the Florida Lottery to photograph and/or videotape and record the prizewinner with or without prior notification and to use the name, photograph, videotape, and/or recording of the prizewinner for advertising or publicity purposes without additional compensation.

    2504Rulemaking Auth2506ority 250724.105(9), 250824.109(1), FS. 2510Law Imple2512mented 251324.105(9), 251424.115(1) FS. 2516History25172518New 9-2520272521-18.