53ER19-26. Payment of Prizes by Retailers  

Effective on Monday, April 15, 2019
  • 153ER19-26 Payment of Prizes by Retailers.

    7(1) A retailer shall pay all winning lottery tickets valued at less than $600 that are validated through the retailer’s terminal. A retailer is prohibited from compensating a player for less than the full value of the prize amount of the winning lottery ticket.

    51(2) A retailer shall ensure that sufficient funds are available by cash, check, or money order before validating any ticket to pay a prize.

    75(3) A player who submits a ticket valued at less than $600 to the Florida Lottery for payment that has been validated by a retailer will be instructed to return to the same retailer to receive payment. In such case, the Lottery will return the validated ticket to the player.

    125(4) A retailer shall pay any winning ticket valued at $50 or less in cash unless it is impossible or impracticable to do so due to a company or store policy that for safety or security reasons limits the amount of cash available to the clerk, or an applicable local government ordinance limits the amount of cash available to the clerk. In such case, the retailer shall make payment by check or money order.

    199(5) A retailer shall pay any winning ticket greater than $50 but less than $600 by cash, check, or money order. No charge or fee shall be imposed by a retailer on a player for paying a winning ticket by cash or check. Additionally, no charge or fee shall be imposed by a retailer on a player for a money order when it is the sole method of payment available to the retailer.

    272(6) If a retailer validates a ticket valued at $600 or more, the retailer shall provide the player with the original ticket, the continuation ticket, if one was issued, and the player claim instructions ticket produced by the retailer terminal. The retailer shall instruct the claimant to submit a claim to the Florida Lottery for tickets valued at $600 or more or when any dispute arises regarding the amount or validity of an apparent winning ticket or when an apparent winning ticket will not validate using the terminal.

    360(7) A retailer shall be held responsible for and will not receive credit for any prize paid for a ticket that was not a winner or that was recorded in the gaming system as paid by another retailer.

    398(8) A retailer shall not pay any winning ticket valued at $600 or more. A retailer who violates this subsection and fails to furnish the Lottery with the complete name, address and tax identification number of the player to whom payment was made so that the Lottery can file a Form W-2G shall be charged backup withholding pursuant to Internal Revenue Service (IRS) regulations, as well as a non-refundable $50 service charge to offset any penalties and interest imposed by the IRS. If the IRS imposes penalties and interest in excess of $50, the retailer’s account will be adjusted in the amount of any excess. The Lottery is authorized to reimburse the retailer only upon receipt of documentation establishing that the ticket was paid in full and a determination that no fraud or other violation has been committed.

    536(9) A retailer shall offer to return all non-winning lottery tickets to the player.

    550(10) If a retailer violates any provision of this rule, the retailer shall be subject to suspension or termination in accordance with rules of the Florida Lottery governing suspension and termination of retailer contracts. A copy of the current rule can be obtained from the Florida Lottery’s website at flalottery.com or from the Florida Lottery’s retailer website at retailerwizard.flalottery.com.

    609(11) The effective date of this emergency rule is April 15, 2019.

    621(12) This emergency rule replaces Emergency Rule 53ER12-11, F.A.C.

    630Rulemaking Authority 63224.105(9)(e), 63324.109(1), 63424.112(1), 63524.115(1) FS. 637Law Implemented 63924.112(1), 64024.115 FS. 642History–New 4-15-19, Replaces 53ER12-11.