53ER19. Emergency Rule For Year 2019  

53ER19-1. Game Number 1408, $10,000 GOLD RUSH CLASSIC
53ER19-2. Game Number 1409, $50,000 GOLD RUSH CLASSIC
53ER19-3. Game Number 1410, $1,000,000 GOLD RUSH CLASSIC
53ER19-4. Game Number 1411, $2,000,000 GOLD RUSH CLASSIC
53ER19-5. Gold Rush Classic Second Chance Promotion
53ER19-7. JACKPOT TRIPLE PLAY™ Retailer Promotion
53ER19-8. Retailer JACKPOT TRIPLE PLAY™ Bonus Commission Program
53ER19-9. Draw Games Drawing Procedures
53ER19-10. Replacement of Obsolete Emergency Rules
53ER19-11. Game Number 1412, MONEY BAGS
53ER19-12. Game Number 1413, TRIPLE CA$H
53ER19-13. Game Number 1414, $1,000,000 LUCK
53ER19-14. Game Number 1415, $15,000,000 GOLD RUSH SPECIAL EDITION
53ER19-15. Game Number 1416, TRIPLE IT!
53ER19-16. Game Number 5015, CASH MULTIPLIER
53ER19-17. Game Number 1417, $500,000 CROSSWORD EXTRA PLAY
53ER19-18. Game Number 1418, $50, $100, and $500 BLOWOUT!
53ER19-19. Entry Period and Drawing Date Amendment for Gold Rush Classic Second Chance Promotion
53ER19-20. Retailer Application and Fee Schedule
53ER19-21. Retailer Applicant Background Investigation
53ER19-22. Granting Retailer Contracts and Certificates of Authority
53ER19-23. Change in Retailer Condition or Retailer Ownership
53ER19-24. Retailer Accountability
53ER19-25. Retailer Responsibilities
53ER19-26. Payment of Prizes by Retailers
53ER19-27. Retailer Compensation
53ER19-28. Play it Again
53ER19-29. Replacement of Obsolete Emergency Rules
53ER19-30. Lotto Cash Second Chance Promotion
53ER19-32. 9s IN A LINE
53ER19-33. $50,000 CASH DOUBLER
53ER19-34. Game Number 1419, 7-11-21®
53ER19-35. Game Number 1420, FANTASTIC 5's
53ER19-36. Game Number 1421, MONOPOLY™ BOARDWALK BINGO
53ER19-37. Game Number 1422, CASH MONEY
53ER19-38. Fast Play™ Retailer Triple Sales Commission Promotion
53ER19-39. Cold Hard Cash Second Chance Promotion
53ER19-40. Game Number 1427, $2,000,000 CASHWORD
53ER19-41. Game Number 1423, $500 A WEEK FOR LIFE!
53ER19-42. Game Number 1424, $1,000 A WEEK FOR LIFE!
53ER19-43. Game Number 1425, $2,500 A WEEK FOR LIFE!
53ER19-44. Game Number 1426, $5,000 A WEEK FOR LIFE!
53ER19-45. Cash Payday Second Chance Promotion
53ER19-46. CASH4LIFE®
53ER19-47. POWERBALL® New Year’s Eve Promotion
53ER19-48. Game Number 1428, EMERALD 8's
53ER19-49. Game Number 5016, TRIPLE 777
53ER19-50. Game Number 1429, MULTIPLIER CROSSWORD
53ER19-51. Game Number 1430, $500,000 SPECTACULAR
53ER19-52. HIT $50
53ER19-54. $50,000 PRIZE PYRAMID
53ER19-55. POWERBALL® New Year’s Eve Promotion Amendment
53ER19-56. POWERBALL® New Year’s Eve Promotion Second Amendment
53ER19-57. Bonus Cash Fridays Promotion
53ER19-58. Bonus Cash Fridays Retailer Double Sales Commission
53ER19-59. Game Number 1431, CASH MONEY
53ER19-60. Game Number 1432, WINNER$ GALORE
53ER19-61. Game Number 1433, $500,000 JACKPOT MULTIPLIER
53ER19-62. Game Number 1434, $5,000,000 LUCK
53ER19-64. Game Number 1435, $10,000 HOLIDAY LUCK
53ER19-65. Game Number 1436, $50,000 HOLIDAY LUCK
53ER19-66. Game Number 1437, $1,000,000 HOLIDAY LUCK
53ER19-67. Game Number 1438, $2,000,000 HOLIDAY LUCK
53ER19-68. Holiday Luck Second Chance Promotion (Replaced by 53ER20-65)
53ER19-71. Game Number 1439, QUICK $50
53ER19-72. Game Number 1440, 2020 BIG RICHES
53ER19-73. Game Number 1441, LOTERIA™
53ER19-74. Game Number 1442, CA$H DELUXE
53ER19-75. Fast Play™ Retailer Double Sales Commission Promotion (Replaced by 53ER20-18)