53ER19-32. 9s IN A LINE  

Effective on Monday, April 22, 2019
  • 1(1) Name of Game. 569s 7IN A LINE10.”

    11(12213) Price. 159s 16IN A LINE 19lottery tickets sell for $24225.00 per 27play28.

    29(30331) 32Game Description34. 359s 36IN A LINE 39is a 41Fast Play43 44instant-win 45game 46(47also known as an 51online terminal game) 54printed from a57n authorized 59Florida Lottery 61retailer 62terminal 63at the time of purchase. 68Players may play the game and determine immediately if the ticket is a winner. 82All prizes are predetermined86. The 88player does not have the ability to selec96t his or her own 101numbers or 103play symbols105.

    106(4) 1079s 108IN A LINE 111Lottery 112Ticket Purchase. 114Players may 116purchase a 1189s 119IN A LINE 122lottery 123ticket 124at an authorized retailer 128by129: 130tell131ing 132the retailer 134or 135presenting 136to 137the 138retailer 139a 140Fast Play 142barcode 143f144ound on 1469s 147IN A LINE 150supporting materials; 152or by 154submitting a 1569s 157IN A LINE 160play slip for processing through a retailer terminal. 168Supporting materials with a 1729s 173IN A LINE 176Fast Play barcode include tear pads, game brochures, 184or 185Flor186ida Lottery emails. 189A 1909s 191IN A LINE 194Fast Play barcode may also be printed from the Florida Lottery’s website at flalottery.com.

    208(a) Players who 211choose 212to purchase 214a 2159s 216IN A LINE 219lottery 220ticket 221or tickets 223by telling the retailer 227shall 228specify the number of 232plays 233desired. 234Each play will print on a separate ticket.

    242(b) Players who choose to present a barcode to purchase a 2539s 254IN A LINE 257lottery 258ticket shall provide the barcoded mat264erial to the retailer to scan. 270One scanned barcode will produce one 2769s 277IN A LINE 280lottery 281ticket282.

    283(284c285) Players who 288choose 289to 290use a play 293slip to 295purchase a 2979s 298IN A LINE 301lottery 302ticket 303or tickets 305may 306mark the appropriate box on the play slip for the number of plays desired and 321submit 322it 323to the retailer326. 327The retailer will process the play slip through the retailer terminal. 338Each play will print on a separate ticket. 346Play slips must be 350Florida Lottery 352approved and p355layers must use only blue or black ink or pencil for making selections. The use of m372echanical, electronic, computer-375generated or any other non-manual method of ma383rking play slips is prohibited.

    388(d) 3899s 390IN A LINE 393lottery 394tickets can396not be p399urchased 400through a Florida Lottery vending machine.

    406(407e408) 4099s 410IN A LINE 413lottery tickets cannot be canceled418.

    419(4205421) The play symbols are as follows:

    428(4296430) 431How to Play 434and Determination of Prizewinners438. Each 4409s 441IN A LINE 444lottery 445ticket 446contain447s 448nine 449GAMES 450in the 452play area454. 455Each GAME consists of a grid with nine numbers. Players identify each GAME 468having 469three 4704719472 473play symbols in a 477vertical, horizontal, or diagonal line 482(a “WINNING GAME”). 485A ticket containing two or more WINNING GAMES 493shall entitle the claimant to 498a single prize 501corresponding 502to the total number of WINNING GAMES on the ticket, as 513shown in the prize legend518.

    519(5207521) 522The prizes are525: 526$5272, 528$5294, 530$53110, 532$53320, 534$53525, 536$53750, 538$539100, 540and 541$54210,000544.

    545(5468547) The 549prize structure and 552odds of winning 555are as follows:

    558GAME PLAY


    561ODDS 562PER POOL ARE 5651 566IN

    567NUMBER OF WINNERS IN 360,000 (Per Pool)

    575Three 5769s 577in a Line 580in 9 Games




    588Three 5899s 590in a Line 593in 8 Games




    600Three 6019s in 603a Line in 6067 Games




    611Three 6129s in 614a Line in 6176 Games




    622Three 6239s in 625a Line in 6285 Games




    634Three 6359s in 637a Line in 6404 Games




    646Three 6479s 648in a Line 651in 3 Games




    658Three 6599s in 661a Line in 6642 Games




    670(6719672) The estimated overall odds of winning some prize in the 6839s 684IN A LINE 687game are 6891:6904.06910692. 693The 6949s 695IN A LINE 698prize structure will be replenished automatically 704as each ticket is sold in each prize tier, including 714both 715winning and 717non-winning prize tiers. 720The odds remain the same 725for each 727ticket purchase 729for the life of the game.

    735(73617370738) 7399s 740IN A LINE 743Additional Provisions745.

    746(a) By purchasing a 7509s 751IN A LINE 754lottery 755ticket, a player agrees to comply with and abide by all rules and regulations of the Florida Lottery.

    773(b) 774Prizes must be claimed within 60 days after the 783official 784end of game. 787All 7889s 789IN A LINE 792prizes shall be paid in a single, lump-sum payment801. 802Ticket validation requirements 805for 806Fast Play 8089s 809IN A LINE 812lottery tickets are set forth in the rule of the Florida Lottery governing payment of prizes. 828Payment of prizes for 832Fast Play 8349s 835IN A LINE 838lottery tickets 840shall be made 843in 844accordance with 846the rule of the Florida Lottery governing payment of prizes. A copy of the current rule can be obtained from the Florida Lottery, Office of the General Counsel, 250 Marriott Drive, Tallahassee, Florida 32399-4011.

    880(c) It is the responsibility of the player to verify the readability of the information printed on the 8989s 899IN A LINE 902lottery ticket at the time of purchase. Additionally, the player should check the date and time printed on a 9219s 922IN A LINE 925lottery ticket to confirm that the printed date and time of purchase correspond to the actual date and time of purchase. It shall be the responsibility of the player to immediately notify 957the retailer of any such errors or discrepancies of a ticket prior to leaving the retailer location.

    974(975d976) Subject to a retailer’s hours of operation and 985gaming 986system availability, 9889s 989IN A LINE 992lottery tickets are available for purchase daily between the hours of 6:00 a.m. and 12:00 midnight, Eastern Time (ET).

    1011(10121101311014) The effective date of this 1020emergency 1021rule is 1023April 102422, 102520191026.

    1027Rulemaking Authority 102924.105(9)(a), 1030(b), (c), 1032(e), 1033(h) 103424.109(1), 103524.115(1) FS. 1037Law Implemented 103924.105(9)(a), 1040(b), (c), 1042(e), (h), 104424.115(1) FS. 1046History10471048New 10494-1050221051-191052.