53ER19-28. Play it Again  

Effective on Monday, April 15, 2019
  • 153ER19-28 Play it Again5.

    6(1) “Play it Again” is a play feature that allows a player to replay a previously purchased Florida Lottery Draw game ticket. If requested by a player, 33a retailer shall process the original ticket provided by the player and print a new ticket which will have the same selected numbers, play amount, number of panels, number of advance play drawings, draw time and play type for PICK games, and any add-on features as the original ticket, except as follows85. 86An original ticket with advance play will be rejected and cannot be replayed if the number of drawings on the ticket exceeds the number of advance play drawings available due to implementation of an advance play countdown for the Draw game for which the original ticket was purchased. 134Tickets older than sixty (60) days cannot be replayed. Tickets purchased using the Play it Again feature are subject to the same cancellation provisions as the original ticket.

    162(2) The effective date of this emergency rule is April 15, 2019.

    174Rulemaking Authority 17624.105(9), 17724.109(1) FS. 179Law Implemented 18124.105(9) FS. 183History-New 4-15-19.